What type of furniture does Resource Furniture sell?
For the past 17 years the owners of Resource Furniture, Ron and Steve, have spent countless hours traveling the globe tracking down the "best of the best" furniture solutions available anywhere. The result is a unique, curated collection of high-end furniture designed to transform any space with both beauty and functionality. As the exclusive agent for many of these manufacturers, Resource Furniture really is a one-stop shop for furniture for all projects from residential to large scale commercial. The collection is constantly evolving and expanding (much like many of our pieces... and our staff!)
I am already a customer, and I have a question or need some assistance with my product. Who should I contact?
We have a dedicated customer service team committed to making sure that you are happy. (with your furniture, that is) Please email customerservice@resourcefurniture.com and Kirk, Jay, Samantha or Pieter will get back to you pronto!
Can Resource Furniture ship to any location?
There are very few territories we cannot ship to. Should you happen to fall into the territory of a licensed dealer, we are more than happy to provide you with the proper contact information in your area. Email info@resourcefurniture.com
I don’t live in North America. How does international shipping work?
International shipping is almost as easy as shipping within the states. Most deliveries to Europe are considered inside deliveries. Shipments to other countries are to port only. The client is responsible for the importation taxes and duties. These costs are easily managed by working with a customs agent.
What form of payment does Resource Furniture accept?
We accept personal checks, bank checks and wire transfers only. We do not accept credit cards.
How long does it take to receive an order once it is placed?
Because all of these products are made to order in Europe, the lead time can range from 14-20 weeks depending on the time of year. During the holiday and summer months the lead time extends to 20 weeks. The great news is that we have a constantly replenished stock program with our most popular products. Stock items have a lead time of 2-4 weeks. It is always helpful to tell us when you need your furniture. If you are not familiar with ordering custom furniture, we can certainly give you the best guidance as to when to place your order. An order is officially placed when a deposit is paid.
Can I have a Resource Furniture catalogue sent to me?
The best and most complete resource for all of the products is our website. We do not have a complete catalogue available for distribution at this time.
What are the Resource Furniture prices and why are they not posted?
Everything we sell is highly customizable. We offer endless fabric and finish combinations to choose from, all of which affect the price. We are always happy to provide pricing information, which you can receive by either calling one of our showrooms directly to speak with an expert sales associate, or by requesting a quote through the links available on every product page on this web site.
Does Resource Furniture ever have sales or promotions?
We have been in business for over 17 years and never have sales on our furniture. You can always be sure you are obtaining the best available price for any product you purchase and that it will never be sold for less. We have set the pricing for our products at the minimum that is possible for us to provide the level of service and care that our clients expect, including a Lifetime Warranty on most products.
Do these products come with a warranty?
Our wall beds come with a 7 year warranty on the mechanisms for contract use.
What type of customer service does Resource Furniture offer?
For clients within the five boroughs of NYC, we will come to your home and perform any type of service call. For clients outside of this area we are more than happy to quickly send any hardware needed and work with you to correct the issue.
Does Resource Furniture offer a trade discount?
Yes. Our trade discount is obtainable with a valid resale certificate, but the designer must do the design work from the beginning of the project.
What type of design consultation service does Resource Furniture offer?
We first and foremost always recommend coming into the showroom if possible. Our designers on staff can work from a floor plan provided by you. If you are unable to visit our showroom, the specs and dimensions for these systems are standard so it is very easy to measure them out with your space. The specs and dimensions for all of our products are available to download and print from the web site. Depending upon your location, we also offer in-home design consultations with our designers. Please contact us for more information about our design services.
Is there a return policy?
We do not accept returns.
Can I cancel an order?
Every sales associate at Resource Furniture is a qualified designer. We understand this is a large purchase and therefore we are dedicated to ensuring that you purchase exactly what you need for your space.
Where can I see complete installations of Resource Furniture?
Visit our favorite projects page to see a selection of completed residential and commercial projects.
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