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Vacation Home Design

Top 10 Vacation Home Design Ideas

If you have a vacation home, you can bet guests will be sure to follow. Entertaining visitors goes beyond tasty treats and great conversation – it’s about offering them a comfortable and relaxing space to enjoy the company! Here are 10 planning and decorating ideas that create an inviting space for your guests that’ll be sure to […]

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Wall Bed Style Guide

Wall beds are so much more than simple platforms that fold down from the wall. Modern designs integrate shelving, desks, tables and seating, so the system maximizes space and functionality. This means that modern Murphy bed design ideas can turn almost any room in your home into a multifunctional space. From varying sizes to a […]

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Sofa Beds vs. Wall Beds

It takes some creativity to transform a room from crowded to elegant. Furniture is necessary but cumbersome, and beds, in particular, take up most of the floor space in a room — and you’re asleep for most of the time you’re there! Space-saving bed options, such as a Murphy bed or pull-out couch, maximize space […]

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Making Room for Baby (and You)

One of the biggest concerns expecting parents face is having enough space! When faced with an already limited amount of square footage, this step can be a bit more challenging. However with a bit of expertise, planning and creativity, even the tiniest spaces can transform to accommodate the needs of a growing family. Putting multiple children in […]

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Micro Housing For Seniors

Micro-living for Seniors

Living smaller isn’t just for young people! This article, published on Senior Housing News, discusses the positive impact micro-living can have on seniors and their housing communities: Depending on the development constraints and economics of a certain area, there can be real opportunities for senior living providers to achieve cost savings by designing small. With […]

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99 Hudson, Resource Furniture

Working it Out: 5 Office Design Tips to Boost Productivity

Whether at home or in the office, intelligently designed work spaces are a crucial component of productivity. Incorporating these five tips into your office design can take your business (or your homework) to the next level. 1. Acoustics: It is no secret that an open office plan leads to increased collaboration and cross-communication, but it can […]

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Designing A Kids Room -- Lollisoft Bunk Bed System

Space Saving Design Ideas For Kids’ Rooms

Designing kids rooms can be both fun and challenging, especially when you’re limited on space. With a little creativity, a small space can be big enough for work, play, and sleep. What are the keys to a pain-free and successful small space design process? Planning, planning and more planning! We’ve got you covered with some […]

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