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The Difference Between Green Furniture and Sustainable Furniture

eco friendly furnishings

Many furniture companies claim their products are “green,” a designation usually referring to material sourcing. Maybe their sofa frames are made out of dumpster-sourced scrap metal or their cushions are filled with used ticker tape. Responsible material sourcing is important, but it does not necessarily make something sustainable; that is, able to exist in perpetuity […]

Ron Barth Responds to New Yorker Article on Carmel Place and NY’s Affordable Housing Situation

A recent New Yorker piece entitled “Are Micro-Apartments a Good Solution to the Affordable-Housing Crisis?” by Elizabeth Greenspan reminded me of a quote I once heard: “[The person] Who knows only his own generation remains always a child.” In order to understand the micro-apartment conversation, it’s essential to understand its historical context. Modern micro-apartments such […]


Hidden Transforming Hook Solutions

This contest has closed. Do you love saving space as much as we do? Post a picture of your space and be entered to win a Hidden multifunctional wall storage solution. There are two ways to participate: Take a photo of your product(s) from Resource Furniture and post on Facebook or Instagram and tag @resourcefurniture and using hashtag #snapyourspace. Photos […]

Getting Your Small Space Ready for the Holidays

Flex Sofa

Whether you’re hosting a large holiday dinner, a festive cocktail party or a casual brunch, the key to getting the most out of your space this season is with a flexible mindset.  Use these tips to get inspired for this year’s festivities and to plan ahead for next year: Rearrange (and get creative!) Rearrange your furniture […]


Smart, space-conscious style in Brooklyn

Originally posted on Domino Magazine by Shani Silver Jacqueline Schmidt, Founder of Screech Owl Design and Director of Design at Ollie, and David Friedlander, Director of Communications at LifeEdited, took a space that once wouldn’t prompt a second glance, and transformed it into a vision in streamlined, chic functionality and smart, space-conscious style. Intelligent livability merged with inspired design […]

Getting Outdoorsy at WestEdge

WestEdge in Santa Monica, California

Bet you never thought you’d see a Norwegian forest in Santa Monica! We introduced the Nature wallcovering collection, the latest from ConcreteWall, at WestEdge Design Fair over the weekend. We also unveiled the Plurimo uniquely expanding table and Goliath Outdoor for the first time on the west coast. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!   And last but not […]

Team Alfred has their Eyes On The Prize

The Solar Decathlon is a competition based on innovation, and tested in ten different categories. Success in the competition is no small feat, but is achievable with the right team backed by the right sponsors. Team Alfred is comprised of not one, but two schools working closely together (right across the street close): Alfred State […]

An Interview with Luca Colombo of Clei

Clei wall bed systems

Luca Colombo, Sales Manager at Clei, sat down with Il Foglio del Mobile magazine to discuss the history of Clei and their impressive ability to continuously innovate and expand their line of living systems for more than 50 years. Clei’s extensive line of furniture is the result of many years of research and experience. In this video, you’ll see a […]

The Art of Change: At Home and Through Divorce

Guest Post by Gail Green For the divorcee, change is the norm and flexibility is a necessity. Success is measured by how well one can transition from a steadied life of structure to a less regulated life of innovation and individual enlightenment. In this respect, the home becomes an ironic confluence of adaptability to life’s […]

Tiny House Nation

If you are an avid fan of the show, you’ll know that our multifunctional furniture has been in a number of episodes of Tiny House Nation on FYI. The aptly named show is a celebration of the tiny house movement across America led by hosts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin. John and Zack travel across America to show off […]