Sofa Bunk Beds

For a long time, space-saving sleeping options were limited to Murphy beds, sofa beds and bunk beds. Fortunately, innovative modern manufacturers have expanded on these basic designs to offer a range of stylish and smart solutions for more comfortable and innovative living. Resource Furniture has partnered with Clei to offer a carefully chosen selection of convertible bunk bed couches – pieces that serve as seating during the day, and a sleeping area for two at night.

Available Sofa Bunk Beds

We sell two main convertible sofa bunk bed systems:

  • The Palazzo is a standalone sofa that folds out to reveal a pair of twin bunk beds. An attractive sofa in its own right, the Palazzo combines great design and smart engineering to provide separate sleeping for two in a compact package. Perfect for families with small children, the Palazzo helps you make the most of apartment living. Cushion covers are removable for easy cleaning while locking mechanisms and a top bunk barrier provide safety you can trust. The Palazzo is also CARB 2 and California fire retardancy standard compliant.
  • The Kali Duo Sofa works as a set of bunk beds or a sofa, and includes built-in storage for added convenience. One of our most ingenious designs, the Kali Duo works great in any bedroom or guest room. Like all of our bunk beds, reliable safety features including a complete top barrier are standard. An extensive selection of fabric options is complemented by a variety of laminate, veneer and lacquer finishes for the unit’s storage component. Wide and thin sofa arm configurations are both available, too.

Our fold-out bunk beds are made to order. Standard lead times are between 12 and 16 weeks. However, we also have a number of quick-ship products in stock in our domestic warehouses that are ready for delivery to anywhere in North America. Check out our current selection of quick-ship furniture online or contact a representative directly for details.

Benefits and Applications

Clei products balance urban sophistication with smart design to create flexible, attractive spaces. Wall-mounted and pull-out bunk bed couches are a great way to ensure there’s enough room for everyone to sleep comfortably at night. Our convertible couch bunk beds are ideal if you have small children of your own or regularly host friends and relatives with growing families.

Whatever you require them for, our bunk bed sofa combinations are proof that a small space can still be a great place to live. With our products, you don’t have to give up your neighborhood when your needs change. Choose a convertible sofa to bunk bed system to create a multipurpose guest suite that doubles as an office, living room or other space.

To learn more, visit one of our North American showrooms in person or contact a sales representative by phone or email.