Furniture for Small Apartments

Modern Furniture for Small Apartments

A small apartment can be a comfortable and functional living space with transforming furniture from Resource Furniture. Our carefully selected inventory of products can help you make the most of any studio, one-bedroom, loft or other compact space. We believe good design and smart engineering can solve many of the challenges associated with urban living and turn any small apartment into a place you can call home.

From multifunctional storage spaces to floor space saving wall beds, our products make every square foot of your home count. Explore our full selection of small apartment furniture online, or visit a showroom near you today.

Flexible, Stylish Living Solutions for Small Spaces

Our furniture includes wall beds by Clei, an Italian manufacturer known for their exceptional quality, modern style and engineering ingenuity. Clei wall beds take the traditional Murphy bed concept and move it into the 21st century with sophisticated designs that fold up into seating or storage space when not in use. Ideal for a small apartment, they’re proof that furniture can be both multifunctional and attractive.

Other products available from Resource Furniture include small apartment tables that convert seamlessly between low-lying and dining-level heights, desks that fold up to offer storage when not in use and partition wall systems that let you create modular spaces in an open-concept apartment.

Before you think about moving to a bigger apartment, consider the main drawbacks of your current space and whether or not there’s a smarter, easier way to solve them. Our products can be an affordable alternative to moving — one that lets you stay in the neighborhood you love. All products, with the exception of our quick-ship items, are made to order and can be customized with a range of fabric and finishing options. All are backed by an exclusive lifetime warranty when purchased for home use.

Simpler Living Through Smarter Design

Many of us were raised to believe that a larger and more luxurious living space is the ultimate mark of success. However, attitudes are changing. An increasing number of people are prioritizing a great, vibrant neighborhood over the creature comforts of a larger apartment. Still more are realizing that the conventional suburban way of life is unsustainable and that downsizing is the eco-friendly thing to do.

Whatever your reasons for living in a smaller apartment, the right furniture can make all the difference. Imagine a spare room that can be an office when you need to work from home, a yoga studio when you need to unwind or a guest bedroom when company is coming. Transforming furniture means not needing a dedicated space for each of your activities, while offering storage that keeps you organized and clutter-free.

Find the Living Space You Didn’t Know You Had

No matter how small your apartment is, there’s a good chance that products from Resource Furniture can help you make better use of it. Contact us today to let one of our knowledgeable representatives help you explore your options. Schedule a consultation at one of our nine showrooms or keep browsing our website to explore our available products!