Convertible Home Office Furniture

Whether you telecommute regularly or just want a separate space to take on additional projects in your free time, hideaway office furniture from Resource Furniture is the best way to work from home. We offer a number of multipurpose products that are designed to help you make use of small spaces in innovative ways. From executive desks that fold up when not in use to modular storage systems, our products are versatile, stylish and designed to meet the needs of any home office.

Work Smarter in Small Spaces

Freelancers and others who work from home know how important it is to be versatile. Home office furniture is no different. Achieving a level of separation between your day job and your off hours can have important benefits for both your productivity and your overall level of happiness. When your office intrudes on your living space, it makes it both harder to focus during the day and harder to relax at night.

Products for the Home Office

Our home office furniture is designed by European manufacturers such as Clei and reflects the latest in sustainable engineering and modern aesthetics. Explore the following options:

  • Multifunctional task desks and workstations that fold up or double as shelving space
  • Flexible office storage including wall shelving, credenzas, bookcases and more
  • Ergonomic chairs in a variety of sizes and configurations

We also sell wall beds that convert to a desk when not in use, effectively allowing you to use your bedroom as a home office without feeling cluttered.

Professional Office Solutions

In addition to our home office furniture, we also carry dedicated products for professional work environments. Whether it’s in a busy startup or a forward-thinking Fortune 500 company, our curated selection of office furniture offers a sleek modern look that will encourage creativity and innovation among your staff. Choose from a variety of executive desks, conference room tables and seating solutions. Contact a representative directly to learn more about wholesale and commercial purchasing options.

Quality Products Designed for a Lifetime of Use

Compare our multipurpose office furniture to mass-produced alternatives and the benefits become instantly clear. Our products offer a level of style, design and engineering excellence cheaper items can’t touch. All our office furniture is made in Europe using fair labor practices and sustainable materials, so you know you’re making an ethical choice, too.

Shop our full selection of quick-ship and made-to-order home office furniture online or visit one of our showrooms to speak with a representative directly.