Altea Book Sofa 90/120

Altea Book Sofa Wall Bed
Altea SofaAltea Book SofaAltea Book Sofa

The Altea Book Sofa wall bed features an interior bookshelf system and two-seat sofa. The Altea Book Sofa is available as a twin size (90) or an intermediate size wall bed (120).

This modern, space saving “murphy bed” integrates seamlessly with our modular Closet and Shelving Systems.

Resource Furniture offers queen Murphy beds and twin wall beds in NYC and beyond to transform homes and lives with space-saving furniture that adds dimension to any décor while providing solutions for smaller-footprint living. The Altea Book Sofa is a high quality piece of multifunctional furniture that add maximizing footage and function in a space.

Lead time: 16-18 weeks

Pricing: Everything is made to order. Call for pricing, or click here to request a quote.

Origin: Made in Italy

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Product Specs

In New York City, space is often at a premium, and people may find themselves living in tiny spaces. The right piece of transforming furniture allows you to reclaim that space, and few pieces do that better than the Altea Book Sofa, which, when retracted, allows you to relax on an attractive and comfortable sofa and, when folded out, provides a relaxing twin or intermediate bed as well as multiple interior shelves for your favorite books or treasured items.

Choose from many stylish fabrics and colors for your sofa and select from a wide range of laminates, veneers and finish colors to make this a piece to suit any style.

The Altea Book Sofa 90 measures 86.625 inches high and 39.75 inches across. The unit with sofa extends 72 inches into the room or, with the bed folded out, 95 inches.

The 120 model measures 86.625 inches high and 51.5 inches across.

The Altea Book Sofa — A Better Way to Live in Smaller Spaces

Think space saving beds are unsightly or uncomfortable? Think again. The Altea Book Sofa, on the other hand, is a high quality piece of furniture.

that the Altea Book Sofa can define your home and the way you live. And it’s also a piece you can rely on, as Italian craftsmen have been making these beds to last for a lifetime, and they’re all backed by Resource Furniture’s warranty on all wall bed mechanisms.

But don’t take our word for it. As soon as you sit on your Altea Book Sofa, you’ll be hooked, so visit one of our showrooms!