Karma Storage Bed

One complaint you hear about a lot of small apartments and homes is the scarcity of storage space. Many places lack the extra closets or bedrooms where so many people keep the things that accumulate around the house, such as holiday decorations, book collections, out-of-season sports equipment and more. Rather than having to rent a place outside your home to store all these items, why not make more room in your home instead? You can do that by using transforming furniture.

One unique idea is a bed with storage underneath. Ours is called Karma. This space-saving bed allows you to stow away things you don’t need right now, while also gaining a comfortable bed.

In need of a little Karma? This king bed or queen bed features an adjustable headboard on both the left and right side, proving support for sitting up or sleeping. The headboard and modern base feature quilted leather or fabric to add a touch of style. If that’s not enough, this bed also offers storage underneath the mattress to provide extra space to store blankets, pillows — whatever! How’s that for good Karma?CR16


Lead time: 16-20 weeks

Pricing: Everything is made to order. Call for pricing, or click here to request a quote.


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The Benefits of Using Space-Saving Queen Wall Beds and Transforming Beds

In our home base of NYC and other places around the world, people want to get the most out of their space. When they choose transforming furniture, they get pieces that serve multiple functions and can help them regain some of the real estate they thought they’d have to surrender with a bed.

Our bed doesn’t just save space, though. It’s a high-quality piece of furniture made in Italy.

This “smart” furniture works to fit your needs. When you need a bed, it’s as comfortable to sleep on as any bed you can find. When you need storage, it pops open to corral your items.

Here’s what you get with Karma:

  • Choice between king and queen size
  • A 26-inch-high headboard
  • A 45-degree tilting mechanism to open the storage container
  • Can accommodate a mattress up to 9 inches thick
  • Customizable with a leather or fabric finish

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Resource Furniture sells a wide selection of space-saving furniture, including the Karma and many styles of murphy wall beds. We are known for the impressive quality of what we sell. These pieces integrate easily with your existing décor, and you will come to rely on their versatility. Thinking about furniture and space differently can help you use what you have in more creative ways.

Do you want more room in your home? Are you looking for extra storage space? These are two things no homeowner can find enough of. Our Karma bed can help get both for you. When you add our bed to your bedroom, you get a piece that will allow you to get rid of other storage pieces, freeing up additional square footage.

We are commited to supporting sustainability and giving back through nonprofits and charities. We are proud to partner with inventive companies such as Clei on products that provide excellent utility and unbeatable value to our customers.

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