LGS Twin Wall Bed

The LGS is a vertically opening, Murphy bed system that rotates 180 degrees to reveal a twin wall bed.  The LGS bed system integrates seamlessly with our space saving, modular Closet and Shelving Systems. Also available in queen size called the LGM.

When it comes to Murphy beds in NYC and beyond, we at Resource Furniture strive to give you a wide range of exciting options to fit the needs of your particular space. Space-saving beds are a multifunctional style choice, thanks to innovative designers, who produce innovative, high-quality twin and queen Murphy beds. A perfect example of this is the LGS.

Lead time: 16-18 weeks

Pricing: Everything is made to order. Call for pricing, or click here to request a quote.

Origin: Made in Italy

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Product Specs

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that can transform a child’s room or a guest room, take a look at the LGS. The LGS takes the idea of twin wall beds to a new level, with a hideaway bed that’s indistinguishable from a closet with shelves and a dresser until it’s time to go to bed, at which point the entire unit spins around and comes down for a comfortable twin bed sleeping experience for a child or guest.

And thanks to the wide variety of colors and finishes available to you through Resource Furniture, you’ll have no problem designing a beautiful space to incorporate this unit. With options for shelves and cabinets, shelves and a table or a bookcase for the front panel, the LGS is a superior multifunctional piece.

The main unit is 86.625 inches high and 44.5 inches across, extending 24.5 inches or 50.625 inches with table option extended. When folded out, the twin bed extends 94.375 inches into the room.

The LGS: The Evolution of Compact, Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture in New York City is often a must, but it’s becoming a trend popular all over the world and in all kinds of apartments and homes.

There are many reasons to want to save space — from reducing one’s carbon footprint to simply maximizing efficiency — and a bed that folds up and spins away to reveal more furniture, like the LGS, is the perfect way to do it. Whether you want a small home to have an office that doubles as an impromptu guest room, or you want to enjoy the city experience with your children but don’t want them to suffer with a cramped room in a small apartment, the LGS is your solution.

And don’t forget that with Resource Furniture, you enjoy a warranty on all wall bed mechanisms.

Combine Both Form and Function With the LGS From Resource Furniture

This bed is so convenient and multifunctional you might think you have to sacrifice looks or comfort to enjoy it, but nothing could be further from the truth. These pieces look fantastic, both with the bed folded out and with it hidden away, and they’re far more comfortable than anything you’ve come to expect from a hideaway bed.

Don’t just take our word for it. Join the space-saving revolution and find out for yourself by ordering your LGS from Resource Furniture now.