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Our 2022 Holiday Wishlist

'Tis the Season!

Goliath Dinner Party

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and whether you're looking to accommodate additional guests during the holiday season, gifting a loved one, or just treating yourself, we've gathered all of our favorite space-maximizing products. 


Tonale Opening and Closing

Striking a balance between design and functionality can be difficult in our homes, but Tonale makes it effortless. By day, Tonale boasts an elegantly crafted sofa with clean lines and ultimate comfort that makes it a great place to gather. By night, Tonale converts into a queen-sized bed, with an optional motorized version that makes the transition as simple as pressing a button. Tonale's motorized version uses smart sensors to ensure that it will not open or close if there is anything in the way. 


Curve Sofa

The holidays are all about being cozy, and our Curve sofa brings the utmost comfort and warmth into any home. Curve is the newest sofa in our collection, and its modular design makes it the perfect sofa for anyone who likes to entertain. Curve comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be rearranged, along with innovative back rest cushions that can create any seating arrangement imaginable. 


Brooklyn Table Opening Transformation

Our timeless, ultimate transforming Brooklyn table can do it all. Quickly transform from coffee table to dining table with its elegantly designed mechanism. With two additional leaves, expand Brooklyn from 37" to 76" to accommodate larger dinner parties. Its versatility allows you to host for any occasion, without crowding your space with unnecessary additional tables. 


Goliath Table Expanding for Family Dinner

If versatility is important for your home, the Goliath is a match made in heaven. The Goliath transforming console table extends from a slim 17.75" deep console table to a variety of lengths up to 116" long. This allows you to seat anywhere from 2-12 people, making it great for hosting holiday parties. 

Penelope Board

Penelope Board Opening

Penelope Board enables you to maximize your space by adapting how you use your space throughout the day. By day, Penelope Board boasts an integrated five-foot desk that is the perfect WFH solution. When they day is done, Penelope Board's unique pivoting mechanism ensures the desk always remains level with the floor, so items on the surface stay in place even while the bed is in use -- and your work stays out of sight, out of mind.

Kali Duo

Kali Duo Transformation Gif

Hosting additional guests during the holidays? Kali Duo maximizes space with two horizontally opening bunk twin XL beds. At only 14" deep when closed, Kali Duo takes up minimal room in any space, while creating a comfortable and spacious sleeping area to accommodate additional guests. Kali Duo comes equipped with a locking ladder for easy access to the top bunk, concealed pistons, a patented soft open/close mechanism, and a tilting upper bunk that makes changing the bedding a breeze. 


Genie Table Opening

With an adjustable height of 4" to 29.5", Genie is one of the most versatile tables for any home. When fully lowered, Genie fits perfectly underneath many of our wall beds including Kali, Circe, Nuovoliola, and Penelope. With concealed wheels, Genie can be easily moved to create more space in any room, for any occasion.

Swing Chaise

Swing Chaise Opening into Bed

No need for guests to sleep on the couch; convert any living room into a spacious bedroom with the Swing Chaise. Swing Chaise boasts a large 9' sofa with a retractable chaise which offers additional flexibility. Easily store away pillows and other items with its hidden storage compartment underneath the sofa. Pull the handle to reveal a queen-sized bed that provides an incredible sleeping experience for you or your guests. 

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We're here to bring some magic into this holiday season. From wall beds to transforming tables, treat yourself to the gift of space and the peace of mind knowing you can accommodate anything in your home. Shop your favorite products in stock now, or contact your local showroom for more information!