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Our Team's Favorite Products

Our team at Resource works and lives with our products every day. What are their favorites? Read below to find out the products our team just can't get enough of. 

Emily Ingram

Showroom Manager

Penelope Dining – We live in a loft like apartment and our primary bedroom is separated by sliding glass doors. We use the Penelope Dining as our everyday bed and when entertaining we can open the bedroom and our living space doubles in size. On the weekends our room is transformed to an art studio and the melamine makes it super easy to clean and care for.

Penelope Dining

Matthew Giesen

Project Manager

I am bias as an owner, but my favorite product is the Home Office. I acquired one for my wife who works entirely from home in our one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. The Home Office allowed us to move her workspace from a tiny one window storage room surrounded by bicycles into our large and bright living room. It does not encroach on our living room space and adds an enjoyable modern aesthetic to the room. The greatest benefit of the Home Office is that we were able to remove the bulky and unnecessary furniture that it replaced. This one change increased our available floor space tremendously and allowed for a much more efficient use of our home. It is a beautiful and practical piece of furniture, it is easy to use, and it makes my wife happy.

Home Office in Yellow

Adam Hare

Director of Showroom Design & Dealer Network

The reason the Flex Sofa is my favorite product is because of its sleek, clean profile and its versatility. The backrests can be moved around in all different positions according to how you’re using the sofa, or they can be completely removed. The Flex can function as a sofa, a chaise, a tete a tete, or even a twin sized bed. Just throw a sheet on it and a guest has a comfortable place to sleep for the night!

Flex Sofa

Lauren Carpenter

Sales & Design Consultant

I love the Oslo Sofa wall bed because it has nice clean lines, it offers storage, and it’s very user friendly by not having to remove the back cushion prior to opening the wall bed. It also sits very comfortably as well.

Oslo Sofa

Lisa Johnsen

Sales & Design Consultant

I love the Kali Duo Sofa! You get so much bang for your buck with all of the functionalities. Not only do you have sofa which is 85” long but you also get (2) XL Twin beds which are large enough for full-size adults. The reclining headboard on bottom and padded barrier on top are easy to use and can be dressed in a multitude of lovely fabrics. The detachable ladder feels so strong and secure anyone could access the top bunk. These are great for rentals or vacation homes, even in guest spaces when you are piling in the family for the holidays. The compartment on the top provides storage space and the top bunk even slants down with the lever to be able to change the sheets. I mean what more could you ask for?

Kali Duo Sofa

Gabriella Pomata

Marketing Director

My favorite is undoubtedly the LGM! The revolving mechanism is totally unique; it always amazes people the first time they experience it. No one ever believes the books will actually remain perfectly in place on the shelves, but they do! It's a complete home office/guest room in one system, complete with a desk and nightstands. For someone with a huge book collection like myself, it's a dream come true. I can't wait to integrate one into my new home office.


AJ Duff

Marketing Assistant

Our Curve sofa is my favorite product currently in our collection. The curved edges feel so organic and are always a conversation starter. Beyond being aesthetically beautiful to look at, the sofa is both comfortable and functional. The backrest cushions can be infinitely arranged allowing for just about any seating arrangement. Once you take a seat, you'll never want to get up. 

Curve Sofa

Gregory Johnson

Showroom Manager

Favorite product currently is the new LGM 2.0.  Great new features and upgrades. TV option available. LED lighting, USB and detachable table. Every customer gets excited about the LGM when they see it in person. WOW factor! The wall bed that doesn’t look like a wall bed.


Christine Salzer

VP Operations

My favorite product is our Penelope Board. I Took my guest room and made it into my pandemic office, now part time office. I can easily convert the room from guest space to home office based on our needs.

Penelope Board

Mariel Irene

Internet Sales

Home Office – the little desk that could! The best space saving desk on the market by far. The desk top is huge and easily accommodates various work materials  that you need to spread out  (binders, notebooks etc)the above storage and interior shelf hold so much stuff. And the below storage is tall enough for really anything office related (printer,  supplies, books, binders etc).  and then, it folds up and disappears into the corner.

Home Office

We could go on and on about how much we truly love all of these products. From wall beds, transforming desks, to modular sofas, these multi-functional furnishings create spaces that reimagine what's possible in our own homes.