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Princess Elisabeth Polar Research Station

Resource Furniture is proud to be involved with the Princess Elisabeth Zero-Emission Polar Research Station.

Mobile Research Station Outfitted with CLEI Wall Beds

  • Austral summer station: open from November to February
  • Capacity: 25 to 40 people
  • Expected lifespan: 25 years minimum
  • Total usable space: 400 m² main building
  • 500 m² technical areas

Clei is an Official Provider to the project and supplied 25 Lollipop bunk beds for the main station and the mobile research station. The beds have been in use since 2009.

  • The Clei products offer significant eco-benefits, a primary requirement for this project. The lacquers are water-based, the materials are E1 emission (soon to be E0), and the products are shipped flat-packed.
  • Commissioned by the Belgian federal government, the Princess Elisabeth polar research station was designed as the world’s first “zero-emission” scientific research station in Antarctica.
  • Unique in design and construction, the Princess Elisabeth station is the only polar research facility to be designed and built to operate entirely on renewable energies.