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Property Brothers Prove it Takes Two to Tango on Brother vs. Brother

On Brother vs. Brother, Drew and Jonathan Scott go head to head in what HGTV calls its largest renovation competition yet! Each week the brothers battle it out in a series of remodeling and real estate challenges, vying to see who can most successfully renovate and resell serious fixer-uppers for the highest selling price. 


This season, Jonathan and Drew take their friendly sibling rivalry to LA’s historic Hancock Park neighborhood — Drew’s home turf! — where they each try their hand at flipping a nearly 100-year-old, beautiful but severely neglected mansion. See how Resource Furniture’s multifunctional and space-saving products helped #TeamJonathan transform a dingy detached garage into a hyper-flexible, comfortable, and stylish backyard accessory dwelling unit, perfect for use as a guesthouse or as a catchall bonus space!

Jonathan's ADU Bonus Space

Jonathan’s detached garage no longer needed to function as a garage — which was good, he says, “because it barely was one in the first place.”

Instead, Team Jonathan flipped this space into the ultimate ADU guesthouse, complete with a Tango Sofa transforming wall bed from Resource Furniture. The Tango features an integrated, two-seat Italian sofa with optional sliding seats that offer both standard and reclining seat depths. By night, the Tango Sofa opens to reveal a queen-size bed with the pull of a hidden lever, cleverly located under the Tango’s display shelf.

Maximizing Storage — and Style

Resource Furniture provided this custom configuration of closets, cabinetry and open shelving to maximize style and storage space in this ADU. Their modular design allows them to integrate seamlessly alongside the Tango Sofa wall bed for a clean, built-in look.

All the Comforts of Home

By integrating our transforming furniture into his design, Jonathan was able to fit this ADU with an impressive number of amenities — a full kitchen, three-piece bathroom, multi-purpose living/sleeping area, even a laundry room! — allowing this space to serve as a fully functional guest suite with all the comforts of home.

A Look Back at Celebrity I.O.U.

This isn’t the Property Brothers’ first encounter with transforming furniture. Drew Scott first discovered Resource Furniture when he came to our LA showroom several years ago looking to make use of a narrow attic space in his private home in southern California. Resource helped Drew furnish the space with an LGM revolving wall bed, which allowed the space to double as a private study/guest room.

In April 2020, Jonathan and Drew visited the small-space design experts at Resource Furniture once again — this time, to design a backyard ADU on behalf of Brad Pitt (yes, that Brad Pitt!) on the premiere episode of their latest HGTV series, Celebrity I.O.U.

The Scott brothers selected a Swing transforming sofa-wall bed with an integrated nine-foot sofa and pull-out chaise lounge for the ADU’s main living and sleeping area, as well as a height-adjusting Passo coffee-to-dining table for the open concept living/dining area. These transforming furniture elements allowed Jonathan and Drew to fit this ADU with a full kitchen, bathroom, and makeup station for Brad Pitt’s longtime friend and personal makeup artist, Jean Black.

Let's Get Designing!

Our Tango Sofa appeared in Episode 7, Season 3 of Brother vs. Brother, first aired on HGTV on September 23, 2020. Click here to watch the full episode, then swing by the Scott brothers’ Resource Guide to learn more about all of the products featured in the episode.

Did this episode of Brother vs. Brother inspire to design your own backyard guest suite or multifunctional room? Contact your local showroom to start designing differently with Resource Furniture!