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Ways to Get Organized That You Wish You'd Known Sooner

we've broken down the following ways to be organized at home by room to make your organizing journey more manageable

Wondering how to keep your house clean and organized? It may feel overwhelming, but it's well worth the effort — an organized home can help reduce stress and anxiety and saves you time in the long run. 

We've broken down the following ways to be organized at home by room to make your organizing journey more manageable. Whether you have a small space with limited storage or just need some new ideas to help tidy up, these small home organization tips can help you get started!

Bathroom Organization Ideas

Your bathroom is likely one of the busiest rooms in your home. Keeping it organized can streamline your routine and help set you up for a great day or a relaxing evening. Starting with a tidy and efficient bathroom will set you up to find other ways to be better organized at home.

1. Use an Under-Sink Shelf Organizer

The space below your bathroom sink is great for storing things like toiletries and cleaning supplies. Unfortunately, the pipes can sometimes make it awkward, turning this area into a cluttered mess. 

A shelf organizer designed to fit around the plumbing can save the day. These organizers can even double the amount of usable storage under your sink, making them perfect for small bathrooms.

2. Hang a Caddy From Your Shower Head

Shower stalls are common in small living spaces but usually provide little storage. A caddy is an excellent alternative if your shower doesn't have shelves or a ledge to store your hair and bath products. Hanging one from your shower head keeps your toiletries in an easy-to-reach location. Some even have adjustable shelves to accommodate bottles of all shapes and sizes.  

3. Use an Adjustable Drawer Organizer

Bathroom drawers tend to be catch-alls for grooming products, from hair accessories to makeup to packs of spare razor blades. With everything jumbled together, finding the things you need when you need them can be challenging.

Enter the adjustable drawer organizer. You can find organizers to fit any drawer, often with customizable compartments to organize your bathroom necessities. 

kitchen organization ideas

Kitchen Organization Ideas

A tidy kitchen can save time, cut down on food waste and take the stress out of cooking. The following tips can get you there.

1. Adjust the Shelf Height in Your Cabinets

Pantry items come in all shapes and sizes, so it makes sense for your cabinet shelves to have varying heights. You can fit canned goods on a short shelf, while cereal boxes need a tall one. 

You can make the most out of your cabinets with shelf dividers. By turning one shelf into two, dividers help maximize the storage space in a small kitchen.  

2. Store Occasional-Use Appliances

As convenient as kitchen appliances can be, they also take up significant counter space. Try storing small appliances, like the blender or air fryer you only use once a week, in a cabinet instead of on your counter. You can take them out when you need them, and in the meantime, you'll have more space for unloading groceries, prepping food and serving meals. 

3. Keep Your Favorite Cooking Utensils at Hand

Place the utensils you use the most often in a pretty jar or container by the stove so you can grab them quickly while you cook. Items like spatulas and spoons should be within reach, while things like graters and potato mashers can go in a cabinet or drawer.

4. Try a Multifunctional Dining Table

Don't have a dedicated dining room? Consider a multifunctional dining table or a transforming coffee table. You can extend the table to seat more people and keep its footprint small when you need more space for entertaining, working or hobbies.  

Living Room Organization Ideas

Your living room is a dynamic gathering space and the heart of your home. Organizing it can create the illusion of more room, perfect if your living room is on the smaller side. Use the following tips for a functional, comfortable living room.

1. Choose the Biggest Sofa That Will Fit

This tip may seem counterintuitive, especially if you have a small living room. However, in addition to providing plenty of seating when entertaining guests, a large sofa will take up most of the available space. Without room to add more side tables and other flat surfaces, you'll limit the amount of clutter that can pile up.

2. Make Your Coffee Table Functional

If your coffee table has space beneath, take advantage of it with baskets, bins or rolling cubes. These storage options can help you organize living room items that might otherwise clutter your coffee table.

If you have both an ottoman and a coffee table in your living room, you can save space by letting the ottoman serve double duty. Use wooden trays on top of the ottoman for things that need a hard surface, like candles and coasters. An ottoman that opens up for storage will save even more space.

3. Add a Wall Bed for a Multifunctional Space

If you need an extra bed but don't have a guest room, let your living room stand in by installing a wall bed. These beds fold vertically into the wall, allowing you to store the bed away when you're not using it. 

Wall beds often have additional storage space built in and can look like bookshelves or closet doors for a seamless addition to the room. With many different styles of wall beds to choose from, you're sure to find one perfect for your space. 

Bedroom Organization Ideas

Whether you have a small bedroom or simply prefer a minimalist aesthetic, you can still have a serene space that you look forward to retreating to. The following tips can help you create a tidy, relaxing bedroom. 

1. Store Things Under the Bed 

The space below your bed is out of sight but easily accessible, making it perfect for storage. A rolling storage container makes it even easier to slide things in and out. You can stow things like wrapping paper, extra linens or out-of-season clothes. The opportunities are endless!

2. Use a Blanket Rack

If you use lots of blankets, quilts or throws, drape them over a vertical blanket rack instead of piling them in the corner. These racks lean against the wall, taking up minimal space while keeping linens off of the floor. 

3. Use Drawer Dividers in Your Dresser

If you frequently end up with messy, cluttered sock and underwear drawers, consider using drawer dividers to organize these small clothing items. Place bras, underwear and socks in separate sections to easily see what you have and grab what you need.  

4. Try a Corner Closet

Running low on closet space? Consider adding a corner closet to your bedroom to utilize empty corner space. You can customize them with drawers, hanging racks and shelves. 

Resource Furniture can help you get organized

Resource Furniture Can Help You Get Organized

Having room to store things can make organizing your home much easier. Resource Furniture's space-saving storage solutions can help you make the most of any room, maximizing available space no matter how much of it you have. We offer wall beds, transforming tables and other storage options to make your home feel spacious and functional.

You can browse our blog for more tips for organizing your home and explore our products by visiting one of our showrooms. Can't make it to one of our locations? Schedule a virtual appointment to consult with our design experts. We can't wait to help you find furniture that suits your needs!