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Developing Furnished Micro Units, for Profit and Non-Profit

Developing Furnished Micro Units, for Profit and Non-Profit | Resource Furniture

When we wrote about the uptick in the appearance of co-living developments across the country last month, we explored some of the reasons for their popularity with occupants: all-inclusive services and amenities — like on-site gym/pool, free wi-fi, linens and weekly housekeeping, etc. — plus a built-in sense of community, with shared space for both […]

A View from the Arlo

Just north of Tribeca, nestled among the cobblestone streets and artisan cafes of New York’s bustling downtown, you’ll find the Arlo Soho. With 325 playfully designed micro guest suites, endless views of the Hudson River from atop lofty rooftop terraces, and a central courtyard area speckled with sheet tents affectionately named “Camp Arlo,” this eclectic boutique […]

Resource Furniture’s Top 5 Corporate Sustainability Practices

Resource Furniture’s Top 5 Corporate Sustainability Practices

North American homes, offices and other buildings contribute an estimated 2.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere every year — more than one-third the continent’s total greenhouse gas pollution output. Constructing smaller and more energy-efficient buildings has proven to be the most economical way to significantly cut back on greenhouse gas emissions. Thankfully, […]

Micro Apartments and Co-Living: The Future of Urban Living

ALTA+ by Ollie (Long Island City Co-Living)

Finding a place to call home can be challenging — and not just in New York. Apartment hunters in urban centers from Washington, DC to Vancouver, BC all face similar situations: securing a suitable space amid rising rental prices and a shrinking inventory of affordable housing. Different Cities, Common Problems Until recently, changes in the […]

Making Room: Housing for a Changing America

In the last 70 years, America has witnessed seismic shifts in the ways people use their homes. In 1950, 43% of all households were nuclear families or married parents with one or more children. Today, that figure is 19%. In 1950, 9% of households consisted of a single person living alone. Today, that number is […]

The Future of Senior Housing

The majority of attention surrounding micro-apartments has been focused on millennials and their needs. But it might be seniors who are most likely to enjoy the benefits of compact, affordable and centrally located housing such as micro-apartments. In 2016, noted New York City architect Matthias Hollwich wrote a treatise of sorts that attempted to rebrand […]

Micro-Units Hit D.C.! Meet Arris by Forest City

Real estate giant Forest City has entered the micro-unit market with their award-winning new Arris building at The Yards located in SE Washington D.C. Forest City’s micro-unit project began – as much innovation does – with a challenge. In this case, it was figuring out how to optimize a line of awkward one bedrooms + […]