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Developing Furnished Micro Units, for Profit and Non-Profit

Developing Furnished Micro Units, for Profit and Non-Profit | Resource Furniture

When we wrote about the uptick in the appearance of co-living developments across the country last month, we explored some of the reasons for their popularity with occupants: all-inclusive services and amenities — like on-site gym/pool, free wi-fi, linens and weekly housekeeping, etc. — plus a built-in sense of community, with shared space for both […]

Better Quality Products for a Better Quality of Life

Better Quality Products for a Better Quality of Life

In 2015, The Neilsen Company released a report that concluded that 66% of consumers worldwide were willing to pay more for sustainable brands. That figure was up 11% from the previous year, and in the three years since the report was released consumers across every region and income level continually demonstrate that corporate social responsibility […]

Resource Furniture’s Top 5 Corporate Sustainability Practices

Resource Furniture’s Top 5 Corporate Sustainability Practices

North American homes, offices and other buildings contribute an estimated 2.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere every year — more than one-third the continent’s total greenhouse gas pollution output. Constructing smaller and more energy-efficient buildings has proven to be the most economical way to significantly cut back on greenhouse gas emissions. Thankfully, […]

Cozy Autumn Living Room Essentials

Triplo Media Center | Resource Furniture

Don’t let the shorter days and cooler weather get you down. Staying indoors has its own charms, especially when you can spend a lazy autumn afternoon binge watching your favorite television series. Think of Fall as a time for settling in, preparing a cozy cave where you can hibernate this winter, with or without company. […]

Off the Grid, on Maui

“Design your life to include more money, health, and happiness with less stuff, space, and energy.” The mission statement of Graham Hill’s LifeEdited is clearly on display at his new Hawaiian home, featuring wall beds by Clei, modular sofas, and tables from Resource Furniture. As stated in The New York Times: “At 1,000 square feet, […]

How To Fit Three Kids in 170 Square Feet

wall bed nyc

It has become a common situation for young families in urban areas – a couple lives in a home or neighborhood they love, but once they add kids to the equation, space gets tight. This family of five faced the same challenge. Before kids, the couple settled into a two bedroom apartment they adored in […]

Santa Monica Pool House

Nestled in Santa Monica, California, is this warm and relaxed pool house belonging to a family of four — with two young, active kids.  They wanted their home to feel welcoming without the stress of protecting anything precious or worrying about inevitable spills. When defining the direction of the design, Becky Spector of Becky Spector […]