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Resource Furniture Los Angeles is Los Angeles, California's premier source for European multifunctional furniture and transforming furniture including the finest Italian wall bed systems (or Murphy beds) available anywhere in the world. Designed and made in Italy by Clei, these systems feature the finest Italian design, a wide range of customization options and are the slimmest wall bed systems possible. They are so reliable that we offer a lifetime warranty on all mechanisms. Resource Furniture Los Angeles also carries a wide selection of transforming tables, fine, Italian sofas and sectionals, seating, office solutions and much more.

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Wall Beds & Transforming Furniture in Los Angeles

Your home is your haven, and nothing makes it more rewarding than the right use of space. When you want space-saving furniture in Los Angeles, there’s only one place to turn. Resource Furniture has the eco-friendly, sustainable pieces you need to transform your life by maximizing the space in your apartment, condo or beach house. If you’re looking for innovative sofa beds, bunk wall beds or even a wall bed couch, you’ll find the very best in our LA showroom.

We have a range of pieces perfect for your home, whether you live in a spacious Beverly Hills house or a small pad in Burbank.

What Is a Wall Bed?

Maybe you’ve heard the phrases Murphy and wall beds being used in reference to unique fold-up furniture —  both terms are correct. Murphy is the “proper” term for these beds, which were named for William Murphy, who came up with the idea for a bed that saves space by folding into the wall. During the early 1900s, he wanted to find a way to remove his bed from his one-room apartment when his sweetheart visited to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

His invention soon caught on, and over the past 100 years, Murphy beds have become a popular way to save space while maximizing the functionality of your home.

Advantages of Wall Beds to Los Angeles Residents

Why buy Murphy beds? Our customers see so many benefits. Some use them in smaller spaces to maximize available square footage, while others love the idea of having less clutter or furniture. No matter your motive, you’ll love the flexibility this furniture provides.

Here are the most common reasons customers at our Los Angeles show room choose to purchase everything from queen to twin wall beds.

Flexibility for Smaller Spaces

While you don’t need to have a smaller space to enjoy the many benefits of Murphy beds, they do give you added benefits not available with traditional beds. Say you have a one- or two-bedroom apartment with modest square footage. Here are the ways a wall bed can help open up your space:

  • You can have both a study and a guest bedroom when you buy a wall bed desk.
  • You can maximize movability by folding up furniture when you don’t need it.
  • You can switch up your space by using the same area for sleeping, lounging, dining and more.

Comfort and Reliability

Our customers are so caught up in the convenience of Murphy beds, they might forget to mention how comfortable they are! Our wall beds are real beds with high-quality, Magniflex mattresses. Like traditional beds, you can sleep on them every night.

Invest in any of our Murphy beds in LA to enjoy high quality sleep for years to come. With a lifetime warranty on our beds’ mechanisms, you’ll be confident in their performance — we certainly are.

Less Wasted Space

Guest bedrooms can be a luxury in any home. While you want a space for your company to stay, it’s easy to feel like it’s wasted if you’re not hosting anyone. With transforming furniture like our twin wall beds and bed couches, your Los Angeles home can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Design a quality guest bedroom where people can stay comfortably and in style, instead of reclining on a sleeping bag rolled out on a hard floor. When you’re not entertaining, you can enjoy a home office, craft room or library. Just fold away the wall bed and enjoy the desk or couch that remains.

Our LA showroom has a huge selection of wall beds. Whether you want queen, twin or wall bunk beds, you’re sure to find an option that meets your unique requirements.

Why Wall Beds Fit the LA Lifestyle So Perfectly

Murphy beds have an unmistakably Los Angeles vibe. If you’re like most Californians, you probably care deeply about the environment. One of the hallmarks of space-saving furniture is a focus on eco-consciousness. These bed options combine the function of two or three pieces of furniture with fewer materials — which results in a smaller carbon footprint.

Our twin, queen and other wall beds also allow you to concentrate on location when you buy or rent a home. In Los Angeles, transportation can be a headache. Traffic and clogged public transportation make it beneficial for you to live close to your school or office — no one enjoys dealing with a long commute. But, better location might mean a smaller place than you could find elsewhere. With transforming furniture, less space doesn’t have to lead to limitations. Think of the perks:

  • A wall bed desk or couch makes the most of your LA home’s square footage by doubling — or even tripling — functionality.
  • A 100-square-foot room can serve the purpose of two when you use it as both bedroom and office.

Come to Resource Furniture for Sofa Beds, Twin Wall Beds and More in LA

With a dedication to space innovation, our Los Angeles showroom has a broad assortment of wall beds to suit every lifestyle and stage of life. Our beds can grow with your children and fit with your family — they even sport design elements like shelving for knickknacks and storage for blankets, clothes and other trinkets. We understand every individual has unique needs, which is why we stock so many diverse options.

To appreciate the appeal of our queen wall beds and other items, everyone should see them in person. Our highly-trained staff can answer all your Murphy bed questions while you experience the products for yourself. See you soon at our Los Angeles showroom!

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Meet the Los Angeles Team

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Tyler Davis
LA Manager

After growing up in California, Tyler made his way to New York (on his motorcycle to boot!) and spent a decade working in furniture and design. Now he’s back on the west coast with his wife and baby boy, and in his “spare time” (used loosely as all young parents will know) he’s a drummer, camper and woodworker.

Andy Zeff
Design and Sales Consultant

Andy was born and raised in Los Angeles (just a few blocks from the LA showroom) and is a longtime member of the LA design community. Aside from his design background, he has spent time as an anthropologist living in Guatemala, collecting folk art in Mexico and even worked with children as an art therapist.