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Resource Furniture San Francisco, California's premier source for European multifunctional furniture and transforming furniture including the finest Italian wall bed systems (or Murphy beds) available anywhere in the world. Designed and made in Italy by Clei, these systems feature the finest Italian design, a wide range of customization options and are the slimmest wall bed systems possible. They are so reliable that we offer a lifetime warranty on all mechanisms. Resource Furniture San Francisco also carries a wide selection of transforming tables, fine, Italian sofas and sectionals, seating, office solutions and much more.

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Wall Beds in San Francisco

You love your San Francisco space — it gives you access to everything that makes living in this gorgeous, culturally diverse city so worth it. You’d never give up your great location for more floor space, and with an innovative option for transforming your living space and your life, you’ll never have to. With space-saving furniture, you can use your square footage even more efficiently to enjoy both the perks of city living and having plenty of room!

Resource Furniture has an exceptional selection of sofa wall beds, desk wall beds and bunk wall beds designed to make small rooms feel more spacious and large rooms even more functional. Our furniture will transform your life by inspiring you with new ways to furnish your home, apartment, condominium or vacation home.

Whatever the size of your home, our innovative furniture options can help you re-design and revitalize your space. The pioneering designs we offer have been saving people square footage and stress since their inception.

A Brief History of the Murphy Bed

Wall beds, also called Murphy beds, have been around for more than 100 years. In the early 1900s, William Murphy lived in a single-room apartment without a designated bedroom. Back then, unmarried women and men weren’t supposed to spend time together in a bedroom, so he brainstormed the idea for a bed that folded into the wall to make his sweetheart feel more at ease. All ended happily. William managed to both marry his love interest and pioneer a new way of sleeping.

Is there a difference between wall and Murphy beds? The answer is no — they’re just two different names for the same piece of furniture. Sofa or queen wall beds are the same as Murphy sofa or queen beds. And while their creator’s focus was primarily on wooing his beloved, in modern times, many people favor Murphy beds for their space-saving abilities.

The Benefits of Murphy Beds in San Francisco

Murphy beds aren’t just convenient — they’re versatile to your visions. Whether you live in a ranch in Cupertino or a condominium in Berkeley, these pieces allow you to maximize your use of space. Murphy beds from Resource Furniture fold away when not in use, freeing up floor space and providing a second function during the day. Our Murphy beds provide many advantages over traditional beds, such as:

Maximizing Small Spaces

You don’t need to have a small space to benefit from transforming furniture. But using space-saving furniture does give you more ways to spread out and enjoy a smaller home. With bunk wall beds, for example, you gain added floor space when you fold them up. Switch up your space from bedroom to living room, or enjoy a flexible dining room to accommodate company.

Better Quality of Life

Can you have a better life by installing a wall bed desk or couch in your SF house or apartment? Certainly, because sometimes less is more. While it’s great to own property, sometimes too many possessions can become a burden and take a toll on our shared resources.

When you pare down your possessions and invest in space-saving furniture, you give yourself some relief from the stress of accumulation. You also reduce your carbon footprint and live more sustainably.

Multi-Functional Rooms

Guest bedrooms, for those who have them, can be a luxury and a convenience when company arrives, but they don’t get much use the rest of the time. And it can be frustrating to maintain an entire room that doesn’t serve a daily purpose. With a wall bed in a guest room, you can get better use out of your space. Here’s how:

  • A wall bed couch can transform your space into a personal movie room when your guests are away.
  • A wall bed desk gives you the double-use of a handy home office.
  • Bunk wall beds free up space for a studio or kids’ playroom.

With our wall beds, you can use your imaginations to create innovative alternatives for your guest room.

More Flexibility in Your Home

Murphy beds give you the flexibility to adjust your home to fit your needs over time. Here’s how:

  • Wall beds give young children extra space to play during the day, and folding away the bed each morning leads to less clutter.
  • As they mature, teens will want more room to breathe. Murphy beds let them spread out to claim their space.
  • When your kids are grown and move out on their own, you might want to remodel their rooms into libraries, offices or craft rooms. Queen or twin wall beds allow you to change the rooms’ uses while still giving your grown children a place to sleep when they come back to SF for a visit.

Why Buy Murphy Beds and Other Transforming Furniture in San Francisco?

Real estate is all about location, location, location. For some, a vibrant downtown setting may be what you crave most. You might want to live close to where you work, or maybe proximity to a great school district is your priority. But sometimes, the perfect location can mean a little less legroom in your home. Space-saving furniture helps you make it worth the tradeoff, so you can live the city life you’ve always dreamt of while getting the functionality you need.

By investing in a wall bed desk or couch, you get two rooms for the price of one. You can have an office by day and a bedroom at night — meaning you enjoy the benefits of a three-bedroom house when you really have two. Does that justify the decision to buy based on location rather than size? Of course.

Remember — you can always find ways to make the most of your square-footage with smart space planning and the right furniture. You can’t change a location, however, and that makes buying or renting in the right neighborhood or city your most valuable decision. Murphy beds can help you get an excellent return on that investment.

The Advantages of Choosing Resource Furniture for Your Space-Saving Wall Beds

Many sellers offer Murphy beds, so why come to Resource Furniture?

We offer advantages other retailers don’t — and it all starts with the high quality of our furniture and the expertise of our staff. Resource Furniture has been in business since 2000, selling the highest-quality European furnishings available. Our wall beds are designed and made in Italy by Clei, the global leader in transforming furniture for more than 50 years. Here’s what Clei wall beds have to offer:

  • Lifetime warranty on all mechanisms
  • Products made with eco-friendly and recycled materials
  • LED lighting that reduces electricity consumption
  • Formaldehyde- and solvent-free lacquers
  • Biodegradable and solvent-free mattresses

These are wall beds you can feel good about investing in. Safe and environmentally friendly, they’re exactly what an eco-conscious family in SF needs to make their space more dynamic and practical.

At Resource Furniture, we invite you to get inspired. When you shop with us, you’ll find furniture that will make your space feel bigger and give you the flexibility your household needs. Come to our San Francisco showroom today to see the many choices we have available. We look forward to seeing you!



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Meet the San Francisco Team

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Good luck finding anyone more passionate about furniture than Eva. She comes from St. Louis and is a California girl at heart (in addition to SF, she has lived in LA and Lake Tahoe too). Her expertise comes from working for some of the top furniture brands in the business (plus, she is a pro at contract and commercial projects, too!). In addition to curating her impressive collection of chairs, she hangs with her 5lb rescue mutt named Pnut in her spare time. We’re thrilled to have her and her sense of humor on board in San Francisco!

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Gregory is a self-described, Texas-born “military brat”. He grew up in Washington state and has lived in San Francisco for over 20 years. He has a degree in interior design and has been working in the industry ever since. Outside of work, Gregory often explores estate sales to find unique treasures and -- like many of us – he’s a foodie.

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Project Manager

Jay is the friendliest guy you’ll ever meet. After living in California and Australia, Jay (a Long Island native) returned to New York to start his own business building furniture out of reclaimed wood and found his way to us. As west coast project manager, Jay makes sure installations go smoothly. Jay has visited every US state except Alaska (lazy), is an avid surfer, and essentially makes the rest of us look bad.