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Resource Furniture Washington, D.C. is Washington, D.C.'s premier source for European multifunctional furniture and transforming furniture including the finest Italian wall bed systems (or Murphy beds) available anywhere in the world. Our wall beds are designed and made in Italy by Clei, the global leader in transforming furniture for more than 50 years. Clei wall bed systems feature a wide range of customization options and are the slimmest wall bed systems possible. They are so reliable that we offer a lifetime warranty on all mechanisms. Resource Furniture Washington, D.C. also carries a wide selection of transforming tables, fine, Italian sofas and sectionals, seating, office solutions and much more.

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Wall Beds & Space Saving Furniture in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is a historic, vibrant city alive with culture, politics and art. Living space is in high demand, and many residents know how important it is to make the most of their home’s space — especially in smaller quarters.

If you’re a resident of the Washington, D.C., area, there’s only one place to go for furniture that will transform your living space and your life. Resource Furniture offers a wide selection of pieces, from sofa beds to bunk wall beds to traditional Murphy beds. You can view them all at our D.C.-area showroom, located just down the road from the Key Bridge.

Our space-saving furniture selection will help you reimagine the possibilities of your home.

The History of Murphy Beds and Why They Endure

If you’re unfamiliar with Murphy beds, you may wonder how they became popular or how they might work for you. Murphy beds were invented in the early 1900s by a man named William Murphy, who lived in a one-room apartment. He wanted to invite his sweetheart to visit, but he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable by having his bed on display — in those days, that would be considered highly improper.

To solve his problem, Murphy figured out a way to fold his bed into the wall when it wasn’t in use, inventing a new way to sleep that eventually caught on around the world.

So, what’s the difference between Murphy beds and wall beds? Nothing — they’re simply different names for the same option. You can find so many variations of these beds to serve different purposes. Here are just a few:

  • Sofa or couch wall beds
  • Bunk wall beds
  • Desk wall beds
  • Twin or queen wall beds

Whichever you choose, you’ll find they have essentially the same function — to fold up into the wall when you’re finished with them.

The Benefits of Wall Beds for Your D.C. Home

Murphy beds have so many advantages when you want to rework your space. While D.C. homes often have rich histories and beautiful interiors, they might not always have far-reaching square footage — but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your space creatively.

That’s where our furniture can help. Suddenly, you can transform a space that previously fulfilled only one function into an area that meets multiple needs. Here are some ways people use our many wall beds to expand the possibilities of all their rooms.

Taking the “Spare” Out of Spare Bedroom

Guest bedrooms are a wonderful luxury for homes with extra space. But what if you have limited room to work with? You want your guests to enjoy privacy when they visit, but you don’t want to waste much-needed space when no one comes to stay.

A Murphy bed can solve this dilemma. Our beds can help you give guests a room to themselves while also freeing it up when they’re away. Here’s how:

  • Use a wall bed couch to change a comfortable bedroom into a lounging living room or library when guests are gone.
  • Employ a wall bed desk to turn a guest room into a handy home office.
  • Try a wall bed table for a guest space that doubles as a dining room.

With the right bed, you can switch the purpose of a room in a flash by folding the bed up when your guests are ready to head home.

Improving Efficiency of Smaller Spaces in DC

You can’t beat the coziness of a smaller home. These places are perfect for young families, older empty nesters and all ages in between. But to make your smaller space in D.C. work for you, you need efficiency — and wall beds can make that a reality.

With small homes come small bedrooms. Say you want a queen bed for your child’s room. You know they’ll also need floor space for playing, so maybe you’ll consider downsizing to a twin — but even that takes up most of the room, leaving little space left to draw, dress up dolls or stack building blocks.

Queen wall beds deliver the ideal solution. You’ll get the right-sized bed to carry your child through their teenage years, and you can put it away whenever you want, giving them free use of the whole bedroom.

Make a Smaller Environmental Impact With Wall Beds

In Washington, D.C., many citizens care about environmental concerns and limiting their carbon footprint. Many people try to buy only what they need for their homes, eliminating excess waste and accumulation. Our Murphy beds address these aims. Clei, our eco-conscious manufacturer, makes furniture using green building blocks such as:

  • LED lighting that consumes little energy
  • Lacquers made without solvents or formaldehyde
  • Recycled materials

The Italian company also captures gas byproducts and sawdust during production while following sustainable manufacturing standards. Another Resource Furniture partner, mattress-maker Magniflex, uses biodegradable and nontoxic materials. We care about the earth. That’s why we employ a flat-package method — to reduce the sizes of the packages we send out, cutting down on emissions and waste.

Why Choose Resource Furniture for Your Washington, D.C., Wall Beds?

If you’re searching for space-saving furniture for your D.C. home, we invite you to shop at our showroom for a few different reasons. We’re particularly proud of our commitment to selling the highest-quality products — Clei tests its beds to ensure they stand up over time. We share their dedication to innovation and use only the best sources to make these multifunctional beds.

We also offer our commitment to human rights by working with companies that have a proven track record of treating their employees with the care and dignity they deserve. Our own staff enjoys a safe, healthy work environment where we encourage and appreciate each person contributing to our mission — helping people use their home space more effectively! Not only does your purchase open possibilities for your living arrangements, but it supports a company dedicated to sustainable practices and basic human rights.

If you’re a Washington, D.C. resident who wants a better way to furnish your home, visit our Georgetown showroom to see which of our options will fit your space. Whether you’re after queen wall beds or sofa beds, beds with storage or Murphy beds with shelves, we’re sure to have an attractive, innovative option for you. Visit our D.C. location today!

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