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2019 Product Preview, Part 2

2019 Product Preview | Resource Furniture

Resource Furniture is refreshing its catalogue with a number of brand new, space-saving home solutions. The Secreta extendable desk, stackable Zesty chair, and the Brooklyn transforming dining table are among the latest additions to our collection of Italian-made, multifunctional furniture making their debut at the start of the New Year. Be in-the-know before they hit our website […]

Making Space for Growing Kids

Children may be small, but as any parent knows they can occupy a considerable amount of space. With the ever-growing plies of toys, quickly outgrown clothing, and collections of kiddie crafts and finger paintings, families must be conscious of how they use their space lest their home begin to look like a daycare center. As […]

2019 Product Preview, Part 1

Cosy Sectional Sofa | Resource Furniture

Resource Furniture is ringing in the holiday season with a preview of several of our new space-saving products. The Cosy sectional sofa, Triplo Freestanding media unit, and Icaro transforming dining table are just the latest additions to our unmatched collection of Italian-made, multi-functional furniture. Technological innovation and contemporary European design come together in the Cosy, […]

Developing Furnished Micro Units, for Profit and Non-Profit

Developing Furnished Micro Units, for Profit and Non-Profit | Resource Furniture

When we wrote about the uptick in the appearance of co-living developments across the country last month, we explored some of the reasons for their popularity with occupants: all-inclusive services and amenities — like on-site gym/pool, free wi-fi, linens and weekly housekeeping, etc. — plus a built-in sense of community, with shared space for both […]

Better Quality Products for a Better Quality of Life

Better Quality Products for a Better Quality of Life

In 2015, The Neilsen Company released a report that concluded that 66% of consumers worldwide were willing to pay more for sustainable brands. That figure was up 11% from the previous year, and in the three years since the report was released consumers across every region and income level continually demonstrate that corporate social responsibility […]

Always Room at the (Expandable) Table

With the holidays fast approaching, city apartment dwellers face their annual quandary of how to host guests for drinks, dinner, or – gulp! – a weekend visit. Without the luxury of a formal dining room, how are we to feed hungry hordes of friends and relatives in a comfortable environment? The trick is to adapt […]

Resource Furniture at WestEdge Design Fair

Resource Furniture at WestEdge Design Show 2018

Founder Ron Barth flew to California last week, teaming up with our L.A. Showroom Manager, Tyler Davis, to represent Resource Furniture at the sixth annual WestEdge Design Fair in Santa Monica. The fair brought together over 175 brands and more than 12,000 design professionals to source and showcase products across a range of categories. This […]

A View from the Arlo

Just north of Tribeca, nestled among the cobblestone streets and artisan cafes of New York’s bustling downtown, you’ll find the Arlo Soho. With 325 playfully designed micro guest suites, endless views of the Hudson River from atop lofty rooftop terraces, and a central courtyard area speckled with sheet tents affectionately named “Camp Arlo,” this eclectic boutique […]