How to Get Organized in the New Year

January 14, 2022 | Expert Advice

It’s 2022, and with a new year comes a new perspective. It’s hard to stay optimistic in challenging times, find the energy to embrace change, and follow through with the typical organizational reset that January brings. Transformation has arguably never been more challenging—however, it’s never been more important.

A Fresh Start

A healthy, happy new year means a rare opportunity to take stock, practice gratitude, and reorganize for the fresh start you deserve. Research has found that a comfortable home can account for 15% of total happiness. Considering all the things we believe make us happy (a Netflix binge, a tropical vacation, an excess of expensive candles, etc.), this is a considerably large percentage.

What makes a comfortable home? It’s time to figure it out. This year, we’re cherishing our spaces. We’re creating a safe, sacred, home sweet home. From small changes to big investments in spaces of all sizes, we’re here to help you welcome the new year in a home you fully love and in which you fully love yourself.

Take Stock and Restructure

In 2022, our approach to organizing is not going to war with the household—it’s working with it. First, go through objects in shelving, closets, cabinets, and other high-volume areas. The goal here is not to throw away as much as humanly possible. Not only is this not sustainable (in terms of the environment and your lifestyle), but a waste of energy.

Instead, consider it as examining your attachment to the objects. Separate yourself from your things by asking yourself, “What do I get out of keeping these items?” and “what emotions tie me to these items?” For those who struggle to get rid of items that are no longer of use, ask yourself, “If I were to lose this object, would I realize it was gone?”

The goal is to rid binary thinking that keeps you from your full organizational potential. Limiting your stuff to ‘keep’ or ‘throw’ diminishes their very real value. Minimalism has its perks but isn’t the only way to keep a clean house.

Now that you’ve re-examined the value of your items, it’s time to organize them so you can experience that value as frequently as possible. It’s time to restructure your things in a unique way to your lifestyle. Stray away from wondering where items “should” go or where typically makes the most sense. Don’t look for context. Instead, look for balance. Ask yourself, “where would placing this item bring me the most equilibrium?”


For instance: Do you love fresh coffee in the morning but hate getting out of bed? It’s 2022; get that coffee maker on your nightstand. Organizing can be easy, simple, and utterly individual to you. Creative issues require creative solutions!

Helpful Hints

Wall-mounted storage functions in many ways throughout the house and works well for items you tend to grab and go. In the bathroom, it’s a place for towels and linens. In the foyer, it functions well for jackets and coats, shoes, or other transportation items.

Shallow base units are some of the most flexible storage options. Near bedrooms, it’s a catch-all storage option for extra clothes and shoes. In the living room, it’s a unique way to store books, games, and other items in a modern way.

Shallow base unit used as credenza

A sideboard is a refined and adaptable option for items you’d like to have on hand but not out in the open. Keep sideboards near high-traffic rooms for items you’d like within reach.

Make It Sustainable

You can’t make a long-lasting home without a proper foundation—but instead of 2×4’s and insulation, we’re talking about storage and organization systems that work for everyone. Identify where your things need to go, then consider what may be the most sustainable solution in terms of the environment and your lifestyle. With so many options on the market, that may mean a mix of plastic bins and hidden storage or boxes with open shelving.

Working storage into your existing daily structures can be easy with the right tools and guarantees solutions made to last. Resource storage systems provide lasting solutions for the diversity of items in your life, from custom-designed closets to best-selling, in-stock cabinetry.

Helpful Hints

Organization occurs in the mind as well. Hidden desks keep work and play separate. Increase productivity during the day and your peace of mind at night with this easy compartmentalization of life and work.

With Resource’s new line of custom, made-to-measure wardrobes, you can build your storage system from scratch with the help of a designer. Crafting your own storage system provides you with the most long-term, sustainable way to cherish a lifetime of items.