Meet Gemini: The Sofa with Surprises in Store

May 8, 2019 | Expert Advice

No space? No problem! Meet the Gemini, the newest addition to our collection of transforming furniture. This innovative design instantly converts a stylish, modern sofa into a bunk bed, without sacrificing styling or hogging floor space.

Gemini transforming sofa to bunk bed. Gemini transforming sofa to bunk bed.

Guest Sleeping for Homes of Any Size

If you live in a city – regardless of which or where – you know that space comes at a premium, which is why so many of us city-dwellers live in small apartments…Small apartments with no guest room. Cities are terrific places to live: so much to do and see – everyone wants to visit you – and you welcome them! You might even invite them to stay overnight and crash on your couch. That can work well for a single visitor, but what if two show up?

Introducing Gemini

Meet Gemini, the newest sofa and latest addition to our collection of transforming furniture. Gemini’s innovative design instantly converts an elegantly tailored, modern sofa into a bunk bed with a simple mechanism that raises and lowers the seat with minimal effort – no muscles required. A built-in, self-storing ladder and guard rail can be locked into place to keep occupants of the top bunk safe and secure; the bottom bunk has two height options, so even tall guests have enough headroom to sit up in bed.

Unlike traditional sofa beds, Gemini is outfitted with two of our premium Italian mattresses that sit atop high-tensile, spring steel support, evenly distributing weight for superior comfort. Our mattresses are OEKO-TEX certified (i.e., no petroleum solvents, VOCs, or off-gassing and made from 100% non-toxic, biodegradable materials) and backed by 20-year replacement warranties.

While Gemini can sleep two adults, it’s also a great addition to your family room — perfect for holiday visits by your grandchildren or your kids’ sleepover dates. Unlike fold-away cots and trundle beds, the Gemini’s footprint stays the same whether open or closed, so you can maximize space in your tiny quarters without sacrificing the style or luxury you expect.

As with all Resource Furniture, Gemini is available in an array of gorgeous upholstery fabrics – choose from over 100! You can also select from a variety of epoxy finishes for the optional decorative metal base, to add those perfecting finishing details.


Gemini at NYCxDesign

Are you in the NY Metro area? Good news! You can experience Gemini in person at the Sound & Vision exhibition in the Times Square Design Pavilion during NYCxDesign, New York City’s most highly anticipated design celebration. Curated by the American Design Club, the Sound & Vision exhibit explores the intersection of design, technology and sound as they shape the future of our environments. This multi-sensory exhibit consists of a discovery village of 14 soundproof pods, each containing interactive audiovisual art installations — the largest of which is the Sleep Suite, where you’ll find the transforming Gemini. May 10 through May 22, find respite from the chaos of Times Square inside this soundproof chamber while you sit, play, even sleep on Gemini — right in the middle of the outdoor plaza at 42nd Street.

Can’t make it to NYCxDesign? Not to worry — you can see Gemini in action our NY showroom, where it is currently on display. Or visit our Facebook page for exclusive content from the fair. For more information, call or make an appointment at one of the showrooms today to speak to one of the space-planning experts at Resource.