Meet Resource Furniture: Our Customer Service Heroes

October 18, 2019 | Expert Advice

When it comes to creating an excellent client experience, we know that it’s the hard work going on behind the scenes that truly makes all the difference.

From left to right: Kirk (Senior Project Manager, seen on TV), Maryam (Customer Service Manager), Aly (Logistics Manager), Pieter (Technical Project Manager), Sam (Purchasing Manager), Christine (Director of Operations) From left to right: Kirk (Senior Project Manager, seen on TV), Maryam (Customer Service Manager), Aly (Logistics Manager), Pieter (Technical Project Manager), Sam (Purchasing Manager), Christine (Director of Operations)
  • Customer Service Makes the Difference

    At Resource, we often say we’re more than just a furniture company. We collaborate with our clients every step of the way — from the initial design consultation to our white glove delivery and professional installation services and ongoing logistical support, Resource is truly your partner throughout every stage of your project.

    But it’s the hard work going on behind the scenes that creates an extraordinary client experience from start to finish; that’s where our Customer Service, Logistics & Production heroes step in.

  • Our Client Support Team Does it All

    Our dedicated Customer Service team works tirelessly to meet every client’s need and exceed their every expectation — whether that means answering technical product questionsworking out complicated insurance details with your superscheduling your installation around a breakfast meeting and three after-school events, arranging for repairs and touch-ups after your dog has made a chew toy out of your wall bed, or providing on-site project managers to oversee and assist with your remote project. Our Customer Service heroes tactfully navigate these and other (real life!) issues every single day. Resource Furniture clients truly have our support for the long-term.

    How does our Customer Service team do it all? Simply by operating under this one guiding principle: we don’t simply sell furniture – we are committed to improving the way people live in their spaces. As a result, our Customer Service experts are extremely engaged – and our clients are happier for it.

  • Meet our Customer Service Heroes

    Our Customer Service team puts in the work behind the scenes — now, we’re bringing them center stage to give them the recognition they deserve. Meet the dedicated client support staff who makes sure each and every project goes off without a hitch:

  • Christine Salzer, Director of Operations

    Christine Salzer, Director of Operations

    How would you describe your role as Director of Operations?

    If I had to describe my role in a word, it would be: Fixer. 

    Fun fact: I’m a German and Canadian citizen, but not an American citizen (though I am a bona fide green card holder!)

  • Aly Gallegos, Logistics Manager

    What are the biggest challenges and rewards of being our Logistics Manager?

    It can be a challenge to accommodate every client’s request. But it all pays off when that client writes in after their delivery to tell us how much they enjoyed working with us and how much they love their product.

    Fun fact: On my mom’s side, I have almost 50 first cousins, ranging in age from 1-42!

  • Sam Cunningham, Purchasing Manager

    What do you enjoy most about working in the Customer Service department?

    There is never a dull moment in our department, and we always come together as a team to find solutions.

    Fun fact: I LOVE Italian rainbow cookies. My family gets me a rainbow cookie cake every year for my birthday, and even my wedding cake was a big rainbow cookie.

  • Kirk Schuly, Senior Project Manager

    What’s are the greatest rewards of being our Senior Project Manager? 

    Some of our contract projects are YEARS in the making. There’s great satisfaction in seeing a project come together after all of our hard work and collaboration. 

    Fun fact: I have an awesome talent for (accidentally) exploding carbonated drinks. 

  • Pieter Depreeuw, Technical Project Manager / Technical Lead

    What does an average day look like for you? 

    My average day involves running a half marathon between installs, site measurements and service calls — but it all pays off when I find the best, most cost-effective solution for each issue that arises! 

    Fun fact: I’ve ridden 2,500 miles on Citi Bike during my time working for Resource Furniture… and counting! (P.S. That’s 300 miles more than the Tour de France)

  • Don’t take our word for it: ask our clients.

    My experience dealing with Resource Furniture on 3rd/58th NYC has been a delight. I decided I wanted to save some space in my apartment, so I went to their showroom and their sales agent Jake suggested a horizontal wall bed. I went home and thought about it – and phoned him back that afternoon to place my order.

    That is when their amazing support crew went to work. A project manager came to my apartment and assessed my space requirements. Then Aly, the logistics coordinator, called to confirm their insurance with my Coop manager and set up a delivery date and time. The installers arrived exactly on time and with zero mess — in about 2 hours the job was done. The installer didn’t like that the bed legs didn’t hit the floor exactly right, so he contacted the showroom and arranged for a technical manager to be sent over to adjust the legs. I was unbelievably impressed. I would never have noticed! Anyway, the Technical Manager Pieter adjusted the legs with little foot-things. I slept on the fabulously comfortable bed last night — and this morning, closed it up…so no more looking at a bed all day. 

    June C. 

    We purchased our Tango Sofa several years ago, but when we called today to ask for some help, the entire showroom sprang into action. We needed to figure out how to remove the left arm from the sofa so we could gain clearance to access our air conditioning unit. They walked us through the process over the phone, and 2 minutes later we had the arm off. Now we have a new AC unit AND a fully functioning convertible sofa /Murphy bed that didn’t get destroyed during the installation.

    Glennis B. 

    Working with Resource Furniture has been a great experience overall, from the first showroom visit to the design process, to ordering all the way to installation. Our clients loved their bunk beds and shelving units and were very impressed with the quality and mechanisms, as were we. Everyone I encountered on the Resource staff was friendly and very helpful.

    Amy Lau Design 

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