Study Wherever with Furniture for Remote Learning

September 16, 2020 | Expert Advice

This school year, many children will attend part-time or full-time classes from their homes. Be prepared with the right tools and solutions to support successful learning at home — including a dedicated, age-appropriate (and super-cool) workspace where kids can focus on their studies.


  • Bed by Night, Classroom by Day: Kali Board & Bookcase

    Unless your child has a lot of self-discipline, everything in the bedroom can be a distraction when they are not motivated to do their schoolwork including the bed.

    Luckily, with the Kali Board, you can simply fold the bed away to instantly transform your child’s bedroom into a classroom. This single or intermediate-size wall bed features an integrated, sevenfoot homework desk. A patented pivoting mechanism keeps the desk level with the floor at all times — so homework, laptops, pencils and all other items on the desk’s surface stay in place even while the bed in use.

    Short on storage? Pair your wall bed with our Kali Side Bookcase units; their modular design integrates seamlessly with any of our Kali wall bed systems. With chic vertical shelf dividers, these customizable bookcases store all your student’s school supplies with a contemporary style that even adults will love.
  • Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Specchio Table & Pocket Chairs

    Our wall-mounted Specchio is a transforming table disguised as a sleek, contemporary mirror. Specchio folds down into a generous 54″ long homework table with just one simple motion. The front legs of the Specchio table are hidden within the mirror frame itself, and no hardware is exposed. With a black epoxy frame, this fold-down table/mirror combo is an elegant, space-savvy addition to any room in your home.

    The Specchio pairs perfectly with our Pocket modern folding chairs. When classes are done for the day, these comfortable and compact chairs fold up to store at a slim 3/4” deep.

  • Back to School in Style: Altea Board & Deep Office Chair

    Like our Kali Board, Altea Board is a great multi-functional option for distance learners with limited square-footage. This vertically-opening wall bed is available in intermediate or twin sizes and features an integrated homework desk perfect for students of any age. Its unique pivoting mechanism keeps the desk level with the floor at all times, so items on the desk’s surface can stay in neatly place even when its time for bed.

    Complete your home classroom with our Chat Swivel office chair: a contemporary, lightweight task chair with an ergonomic design for late-night study sessions. This small-footprint office chair can be easily moved around your home to make space where needed.

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