The Transforming Table For Your Profile

July 12, 2019 | Expert Advice

Furnishing a beautiful, functional home is all about finding those pieces that really speak to you. Read our guide and find the transforming table that’s right for you, based on your profile!

Resource offers dozens of transforming, height-adjusting, and expanding tables in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Each one is designed to better utilize space, but how do you know which is the best solution for you? Well…Just consider your personality profile!

  • For the Trendsetter: Soleil

    You’re a true trendsetter, always on the cutting-edge. Your personal style can’t fit into a neat little box, and neither should your furniture. Similarly, the Soleil transforming table defies all convention. Its dramatic, sculptural base gives an unexpected edge to a classic round marble top, while its height-adjusting mechanism and self-storing leaf allow the Soleil to live multiple lives as both a coffee table and a dining table.

  • For the Entertainer: Celsius

    Your home is the spot for dinner parties, holidays, season finales, and game nights. You’re a natural born entertainer, and you know just how to make your guests feel right at home. You need a space that’s not only stylish, but comfortable and practical enough to accommodate friends and love ones. Enter the Celsius: This stunning modern dining table has 2 self-storing leaves, so it can expand to seat up to 10 people. Now you can have that designer table you love, and still have plenty of room for everyone on your guest list!

  • For the Minimalist: Falda

    You are drawn to all things simple, streamlined, and elegant. No gaudy frills or excess to be found in your home, or in your life more generally. With its thin profile, clean lines, and simple yet perfectly efficient design, the Falda is the table of every minimalist’s dreams. This transforming table converts from a slim console table to a dining table with just a few easy motions. A space solution that’s simple and stunning!

  • For the Pragmatist: Doppio

    Down-to-earth, logical, and efficient — you are a pragmatist, and while some may think you necessarily prioritize function over form, in reality you know how to find those furniture pieces that fall right at the intersection of performance and style. The Doppio is the functional, flexible table with a modern edge that’s sure to suit all your needs. This height-adjusting table lifts from coffee- to dining-table height (and every height in between!) with the simple touch of a lever, and its under-base wheels allow you to glide it out of the way with total ease.


  • For the Effortlessly Cool: Brooklyn

    You aren’t into “flashy,” but you’ve got a cool, laid-back vibe and one-of-a-kind personality that others can’t help but be drawn to. You embrace a casual, modern style that feels welcoming, unimposing and totally effortless. The Brooklyn transforming coffee-to-dining table has a similar look and feel; with its sturdy top, sculptural crisscrossing base, and hidden height-adjusting mechanism, it has all the functionality and style you need for your impromptu gatherings.

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