Tiny Bedroom Makeovers 101: A How-To Guide

October 12, 2018 | Expert Advice

Your bedroom is your sanctuary—a personal getaway, right in your own home… or at least, it ought to be.

  • Tiny Bedroom Styling Tips

    For those of us living in cramped quarters, it can be difficult to create a space that is both comfortable and fashionable. If your bedroom is feeling tiny, cluttered, or just plain dull, we have good news: you don’t need to be a design pro to achieve a luxuriously styled bedroom of your dreams. With the right furnishings and sensible use of space, any bedroom can become a Pinterest-ready retreat.

    Read below to see our editors’ top tips for styling a small bedroom:

    • Assess your needs: Before redecorating any room, take stock of the existing space. Plan a course of action; starting with a remodeling roadmap will help the rest of the design process move more smoothly. Determine what your current bedroom is lacking: do you need new furnishings, more storage, better lighting, modern décor, or a better overall room “flow?” Which items can you keep and which will need to be replaced? Once you’ve determined what you need—and what you need to get rid of—free up your floor space by donating or repurposing any damaged, out-of-style, or rarely used items. This will give you a clean, blank canvas to work with.
    • Pinpoint your style: There are thousands of furniture styles and room themes to choose from. Without some way to narrow down your search, shopping for new bedroom décor can quickly turn from fun to overwhelming. Determine what look or mood you’re trying to achieve before making any purchases. Minimalist, modern, eclectic? Hunt through Pinterest, Instagram, and home and garden magazines for color palette, décor and texture inspiration, then create a vision board to help nail down your personal style. Keeping a reference guide handy can also help prevent impulse buys that can clutter up your space and clash with the final room scheme.
    • Choose your bed: Your bed is the focal point of the room, so selecting the right one is essential to accomplishing your desired aesthetic. Platform storage beds are an ideal solution for those who appreciate the elegant simplicity of modern design, but they require extra space. The Eva Due and Chandelier queen- and king-sized beds feature built-in storage compartments hidden right in the bed frame itself. Hydraulic lifting mechanisms allow you to easily raise the mattress to reveal the ample compartment for shoes, clothes, linens, or anything else! Plus, their on-trend upholstered headboards add a pop of contemporary visual interest to the room.For those bedrooms that are seriously lacking square footage, a wall bed is an excellent space-maximizing option. Clei transforming wall bed systems, like the Penelope 2 Board, do double-duty as a writing desk or dressing table by day and a queen-sized wall bed by night. And the best part? The table surface on this vertically opening wall bed system is designed to remain perfectly level with the floor as it pivots down to set beneath the bed, meaning you’ll never have to remove your books, laptop or makeup.
    • Add flair, with a twist: You may be thinking that your bedroom is too cramped too accommodate eclectic statement pieces. But small spaces are actually great opportunities to integrate fun, creative pieces—you’ll just have to look for multifunctional items that act both as storage and stand-alone décor. The Piano, for instance, is a wall-mounted multipurpose rack that doubles as a coat hanger and an ultra-modern wall art piece.You can even turn basic bedroom items, like your dresser, into bold statement décor pieces. Search for dressers with unique drawers and doors, bold colors, or interesting textures and materials. Here again, wall-mounted options are ideal. The Giralot features storage units that swivel 180 degrees on a column that rests on the floor and is attached to the wall. This swiveling mechanism, paired with the Giralot’s color-block design, is sure to give your bedroom a striking contemporary feel. Best of all, the Giralot’s shallow storage compartments can open to either the left or right, allowing this piece to fit in virtually any space.
Penelope 2 Board
Penelope 2  Wall Bed
Giralot Storage Unit
Piano Wall Organizer
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    In general, when decorating a small room try to limit the number of “knick knacks” and opt instead for décor that serves some sort of additional, functional purpose. Keep this rule in mind and you’ll immediately notice how clutter-free your space becomes.

    Most importantly, remember to plan your new bedroom with your personality and lifestyle in mind. Investing in space-saving, intelligently designed pieces can make a tiny room look and function like one twice the size, allowing you to accommodate all the bedroom comforts and amenities you desire.

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