Premium Mattresses

Crafted exclusively for our Clei wall beds, our Luxury Mattress Collection is made in Italy by the world’s leading mattress manufacturer. Designed to maximize comfort and health, these premium mattresses are made from 100% non-toxic, biodegradable materials.


Mattress Collection

The Luxury Mattress Collection carries the prestigious Standard 100 OEKO-TEX Certification, meaning every component has been tested for health and safety by an accredited, independent laboratory. Standard 100 is the world’s highest level of safety certification for textile products.

Our mattresses feature water-expanded foams that eliminate the use of harsh solvents and VOC’s, and they are completely free from chemical off-gassing. All of the foams we use for our mattresses are open-cell and breathable, so heat can easily pass through—unlike other memory foams that trap heat. Additionally, our foam expansion process utilizes natural water pressure and curing over a 10-day period, while other foams use harmful petroleum solvents.

For added comfort, our mattresses feature a built-in memory foam topper that acts as a mattress pad and eliminates the need for additional mattress toppers.

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Select one of four premium mattresses, crafted from the finest materials and specially designed for our wall beds.

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Our mattresses are expertly engineered to offer perfect breathability, dissipating excess moisture and heat for the ultimate night’s sleep.

Cover Material

Viscose is a soft and silky man-made fiber derived from wood cellulose. It’s delightfully soft to the touch, and it is known for its excellent ability to wick away moisture.

Padding & Core Material

Memory foam is designed to respond to body weight, adapting perfectly to each silhouette. This property offers a pleasant, weightless sensation during rest.

Memory foam is an open-cell, high-density viscoelastic material, which encourages airflow inside the mattress and allows it to mold precisely to your body—taking pressure off the spine, promoting good posture, and aiding circulation.

Our Eliocell polyurethane foam has a high-density microcellular structure that marries elasticity and breathability. Formed through a natural process of water expansion, Eliocell foam is non-deformable, non-allergenic, and offers excellent support. Its open-cell structure disperses heat and moisture while preventing mold and bacteria for a cooler, more hygienic sleep. Choose from Soft or Firm foam compositions to find your custom comfort.

Removable Cover

The 7-Zone and Deluxe Memory mattresses are available with removable, dry-clean safe covers for easy upkeep.

Vacuum-Sealed Packaging

Each mattress is machine-pressed, vacuum-sealed, and compacted to 10% of its original size. Specialized packaging keeps your mattress free from bacteria, debris, and damage during transport. Your mattress will return to its original shape and volume within minutes of opening, so you can enjoy a great night’s sleep right away.

20-Year Limited Warranty

Our premium mattresses are made to last. We offer a 20-year limited warranty on all mattresses. See full terms and conditions.

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