Transforming Furniture

American housing, which is largely focused on suburban, single-family homes, is designed far more around how people lived in 1950 than it is around how people live today. Multifunctional transforming furniture can accommodate a variety of increasingly common household formation types that are underserved by current housing options.

Transforming furniture can add function and square footage to any space, large or small. Whether you live in a studio apartment, condo, townhouse, single family home, or vacation house where you frequently host guests; transforming furniture offers you a smarter way to live more comfortably in the space you have. Our carefully curated collection of space-saving, multifunctional furniture includes a complete collection of high-end, Italian-made wall beds, transforming tables, compact and folding seating, as well as a range of other products — all of which boast style, comfort, and world-renowned engineering.

Designed for sophistication and built for functionality, our transforming furniture is an ideal choice for anyone that needs more space from their space.

What is Transforming Furniture?

Transforming furniture refers to a broad category of products and home furnishings that have more than one practical function. This can range from something as simple as a sofa bed or an extension table to more hyper-functional pieces such as our wall beds or modular home offices.

Select products in our inventory include:

  • Transforming wall beds: Murphy beds were one of the original pieces of transforming furniture – dating as far back as the early 1900’s. These space-saving beds were first dreamt up by the eponymous inventor, William Lawrence Murphy, in an attempt to maximize space in his one-room apartment in San Francisco.  While the basic technology of the “Murphy bed” has improved drastically over time, the question that propelled its inception is still as prescient as ever: how do we close the gap between how people live today and how homes are designed? The resulting answer can be best seen in the innovative, high-tech, patented wall beds designed and made in Italy and available exclusively from Resource Furniture. Our space-transforming wall beds are available in queen, twin, bunk beds, and intermediate sizes. These multifunctional wall beds double as sofas, seating, bookshelves, storage, and dining tables when the bed is not in use. Our products are an excellent choice for studio apartments, kids’ bedrooms, guest rooms and virtually any application where maximizing space is key.
  • Transforming tables: It’s not uncommon for your standard dining room table to include additional leaves for extra seating when necessary; however, our transforming tables elevate this longstanding concept to a whole new level of innovation. We offer attractive, modern pieces that can be raised and lowered from coffee-table height to dining-table height, or folded up/expanded as required – turning your living room into a modern dining room within a matter of seconds.
  • Seating and other essentials: Complete your home with our compact and transforming seating collection and other smart pieces from Resource Furniture. Our space-saving essentials perfectly complement our larger transforming wall beds and modular furniture. All products reflect a highly modern design aesthetic while offering quality and functionality far beyond mass-produced alternatives.

Our transforming furniture is made-to-order and can be customized with your choice of fabrics and finishes. We also have a wide variety of quick-ship products available in stock that can be delivered to you with a shorter lead time.

Explore a Smarter Way to Organize Your Home

While urban dwellers have always used transforming furniture to make the most of small spaces; more and more multi-family households and empty nesters are beginning to discover the benefits of flexible living. Our products reflect the best of European design and ingenuity, creating modern spaces with unprecedented functionality based on the principles of universal design.

Contact us today or visit one of our many North American showrooms to see our transforming furniture in action and explore the many ways our products can help you think bigger in small spaces.

Select products are backed by a lifetime warranty on all mechanisms for residential use, so you know you’re getting a piece built to last a lifetime.