Studio Apartments

Who says a studio apartment can’t be a place to thrive? At Resource Furniture, we believe studios and lofts can be as comfortable and welcoming as any home. But the key to this is finding the right furniture that provides you with flexible living options and brings multi-functionality to your space. With an emphasis on modern European styling, we offer a curated selection of studio apartment furniture that will help you maximize your living space.

Stay in the Space You Love

Big city residents know all too well the struggle of finding a great apartment. From San Francisco to NYC and every urban center in between, finding an affordable place too often requires being cramped in a great location, or enjoying more room while living further from the action. It doesn’t have to be this way.

With space-saving furniture from Resource Furniture, a small space can still be a great place to live. Before you move away from a neighborhood you love, consider the role our products can play in remaking your studio apartment into somewhere you’ll be happy to stay for the long run.

Explore Our Products

Through our carefully curated collection of European furniture, we carry a comprehensive inventory designed for studio apartments and other small spaces, including:

  • Transforming furniture
  • Wall beds and storage beds
  • Sofas, recliners and occasional seating
  • Dining room, coffee, and multifunctional tables
  • Storage solutions
  • Sliding door systems
  • Home office furniture

Use our products to free up floor space in your studio, partition your room into separate living and working areas or enjoy greater flexibility in how you lay out your apartment. In a small studio where every square foot matters, these critical advantages contribute to your comfort and your quality of life.

Enjoy a Smaller, More Sustainable Life

Great studio apartment furniture isn’t just about making the best use of a small home — it’s also about transforming the way we relate to the space around us. When it comes to housing, many of us have been conditioned to think that bigger always equals better, and that as we grow and succeed, we should expect more space in return.

Great design can make us realize how arbitrary these ideas really are. Our products help you live better while keeping your environmental footprint to a minimum. Instead of having several expensive pieces of furniture that take up space and require maintenance and cleaning, why not have a single, multifunctional unit that looks great and frees up your room?

City Living Can Be This Easy

The best way to experience the benefits of our products for yourself is to visit us in person at one of our many North American showrooms. Live outside of a major city but still want to shop our selection of high-end studio apartment furniture? Shipping is available throughout North America. Explore our inventory using the links on this page or get in touch with one of our representatives to request a quote for any piece.