Bunk Beds

Transforming wall bunk beds (or Murphy bunk beds) from Resource Furniture allow you to maximize every square foot in any space — perfect for kids, teens, and adults. By day, these hidden bunk bed wall bed systems can feature front-facing sofas or desks: at night, they seamlessly transform into fine European bunk beds featuring custom-made Italian mattresses.

Looking for space-saving Twin or Intermediate Wall Beds?

About Our Transforming Murphy Bunk Beds
  • Change the Way You Use Your Space

    Made in Italy by Clei, these transformable wall beds (such as the Kali Duo space-saving bunk bed) are designed with the latest in Italian technology and are far superior in quality, function and style to traditional Murphy beds.

    If you’re looking for innovative ways to reimagine your home and reinvent the way you use your space, Resource Furniture has the space-saving and multifunctional solutions for you. Dedicated to innovation, quality, functionality, and fantastic European design, we offer an exciting, varied selection of modern transforming furniture to maximize your space and contribute to your unique aesthetic preferences.

    Whether you choose to live in the vibrant setting of a major metropolis, the comfort of the countryside or the convenient spread of the suburbs, your unique living experience is all about the perfect fit for you. The right commute and a comfortable proximity to universities, business districts, schools, parks or art and culture hubs can make all the difference. You may prioritize a quiet, calm neighborhood setting with family-friendly streets and playgrounds for the kids, or maybe you’re hoping to be close to nightlife, shopping, and cultural events. Whatever your unique needs and preferences are, you might choose a smaller space for better efficiency or prioritize location over size. However you choose to live, you deserve to do it comfortably, confidently and stylishly?

  • What Are Transforming Bunk Beds?

    First emerging in the 1900s, wall beds or Murphy beds are named for their creator, William Murphy, who piloted the transformative design as a way to turn his one-room apartment into a multifunctional space. As fully functional beds that attach to the wall for ease of use and storage purposes, Murphy beds can be lowered down for use at night, and lifted back up — either against the wall or into a cabinet or closet — to make room for other activities or more space during the day.

    Now made with the highest-quality materials and the finest design, our folding bunk beds are a re-imagination and modernization of the classic Murphy bed. Available in a variety of styles, they integrate seamlessly into your space, folding to a slim 14?, and even doubling as desks or couches. Easy to open and close, comfortable to use, attractive for your aesthetic and transformative for your space, our foldaway bunk beds give you all the room, luxury, and functionality you need. Our wall bunk beds are so stable that many models can be used as freestanding systems – they do not even have to be attached to the wall.

  • Benefits and Applications of Murphy Bunk

    Are you renting a studio apartment without enough room for both a bed and a home office area? Do you wish you could use that guest room or kids’ room for other purposes — like studying, lounging or a personal library? Maybe you’re a young professional hoping to live in minimalist style or an evolving family with growing kids and growing space needs.
    Fold-down bunk beds can help by:

    • Saving Space: If you need to use your room for several purposes or open up space for movement during the day, transforming bunk beds are an ideal way to make more room without sacrificing functionality. Your Murphy twin bunk beds offer all the comfort and space you need to sleep, but they never take up floor space when you’re not using them.
    • Offering Storage: When you’re living stylishly in a small or efficient space, sometimes it can be hard to find room for storage, and you certainly won’t prioritize it over essential furniture needs like beds, desks, and couches. Now, you don’t have to choose–incorporate your wall-mounted folding bunk beds with accompanying shelving and closet systems that take up minimal space and give you the storage you’re looking for.
    • Doubling the Sleep Accommodations: Making space for more kids or planning to share your living space with a roomie, but don’t have another room or enough space for another bed? Install our side-fold murphy bunk beds for double the sleeping space in the same square footage! The beds are twin XL in length, so they are perfect for adults, teens, and children.
    • Doubling Room Potential: It doesn’t matter if you don’t have that extra room you were hoping for. With the versatility and space-opening qualities of our transforming bunk beds, you can have a kids’ bedroom and a playroom in one space, a home office, and a guest room, or a comfortable sleeping space and a living area. Fold up your bunk beds during the day to use that space for dual purposes.
  • Innovative Bunk Bed Designs

    When it comes to picking the right fold-down bunk beds to attach to your wall, Resource Furniture offers you so many options in style, use, and function. Choose from our variety of our Murphy twin bunk beds, including:

    • Kali Duo: Featuring a soft upper barrier and extra storage space, this modern, minimalist bunk bed folds seamlessly into the wall and offers a desk or sofa option in front.
    • Kali Duo Sofa: Sofa by day, bunk beds by night — save space and double your room’s functionality with this modern Murphy bunk bed system.
    • Kali Duo Board: Perfect for home offices doubling as guest rooms or bedrooms, this foldaway bunk bed option comes with a safety rail, a separately-storing ladder and a full-time desk below.
    • Palazzo: Transforming from a comfortable sofa to a cushy pair of beds, this transforming bunk bed system offers multifunctionality, safety, and simplicity in style
    • La Literal: Looking for functionality, simplicity, safety, and ease of use? Our La Literal foldaway bunk bed systems offer one-step transformation perfect for kids’ rooms, college apartments, small spaces and guest rooms.
      Choose your favorite foldaway bunk bed and transform your living space into a multifaceted, multifunctional, sleek and stylish arrangement. Call or visit your nearest showroom for more information.