Furniture for Studio Apartments

Who says a studio apartment can’t be a place to thrive? At Resource Furniture, we believe studios and lofts can be as comfortable and welcoming as any home. But the key to this is finding the right furniture that provides you with flexible living options and brings multi-functionality to your space. With an emphasis on modern European styling, we offer a curated selection of studio apartment furniture that will help you maximize your living space.

About Our Furniture for Studio Apartments
  • Stay in the Space You Love

    Big city residents know all too well the struggle of finding the right apartment. From San Francisco to NYC and every urban center in between, finding an affordable place to live very often means being cramped in a central location — or enjoying more room while living further away from the action. It doesn’t have to be this way. With space-saving furniture from Resource, a studio apartment can be a great place to live. Before you move away from a neighborhood you love, consider the role our products can play in remaking a studio apartment into your dream domicile.

  • Explore Our Products

    Use our products to free up floor space in your studio, partition your room into separate living and working areas or enjoy greater flexibility in how you lay out your apartment. In a small studio where every square foot matters, these critical advantages contribute to your comfort and your quality of life.

    We carry a comprehensive inventory designed for studio apartments and other small spaces, including:

    Transforming Furniture

    Transforming furniture refers to a category of home furnishing products that are meant to be used for more than one practical purpose, for example, a sofa bed. Resource takes the concept of a simple sleeper sofa to the next level with hyper-functional Italian wall beds, height-adjustable expanding and extending tables, and an assortment of seating options that offer you a smarter way to live in whatever space you have.

    While studio dwellers use transforming furniture to make the most of tiny apartments, more and more multi-family households and empty nesters are discovering the benefits of flexible living. Our products reflect the best of European engineering, creating modern spaces with unprecedented functionality based on universal design principles. Sophistication, sustainable manufacturing methods, and solid construction are all hallmarks of our transforming furniture collection.

    Wall Beds and Storage Beds

    Large pieces of furniture – like a queen sized bed – can make a studio apartment feel cramped and crowded. Murphy beds offer you a comfortable place to sleep every night plus the option to hide it away in the wall when it’s not in use. Some models come with built-in desks while others reveal a sofa or dining table – there is a wall bed for every preference and need. With a wide variety of finishes – lacquers, melamine, wood veneers — and hundreds of different fabric or leather upholsteries to choose from, wall beds give studio apartments the potential to flourish as efficient spaces.

    Studio apartment layouts with a sleeping alcove — or with enough dedicated space for a traditional bed —  still benefit from the extra storage space that comes with the use of a storage bed. Storage beds are similar to platform beds in that they do not require a box spring, but instead of a solid platform they are built on an elevated frame that lifts up at a 45-degree angle to reveal a hidden storage compartment. Perfect for storing bed linens, extra towels, or off-season clothing items.

    Sofas, Recliners and Occasional Seating

    While a wall bed with built-in sofa is the optimal choice for a studio apartment, we also offer sofas and sectionals with smaller profiles that can work in smaller spaces: our popular Cloud couch comes in a wide range of compositions/configurations; and WAM Loveseat and WAM Benches and Ottoman come in different sizes to suit any space, big or small. Double duty furniture, like the Gemini sofa bunk bed, and the transforming Merlino sofa (which features rotating seats and armrests to allow for reclining with built-in footrests) provide versatility without sacrificing function or style.

    Apartment still too small to accommodate a sofa? Consider an oversized lounge chair, like the cozy Flower Glider or the sculptural Lloyd with its recliner mechanism and optional ottoman that allow for maximum relaxation. Prefer a more petite profile? The Piccolo Alto and Piccolo Basso are popular favorites with their minimal footprint, swivel base, and optional matching ottoman.

    Folding or stackable chairs are also great for studios, especially when you need extra seating. Our Pocket and Arc chairs can be stashed in a closet or behind a door when not in use. Stackable Alpha chairs come in an array of colored lacquer finished; Zesty can be ordered in one of ten wood finishes.

    Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, and Multifunctional Tables

    We are experts in small space furniture, known for our highly curated collection of European dining tables, coffee tables, and tables that convert from coffee tables into dining tables. Resource’s multifunctional tables — Doppio, Genie, Passo, Dynamic, and Cristallo – are all designed to store snugly underneath our wall beds. All are height adjustable and can be raised to desk height or full dining height; most also extend in length to seat dinner guests. We have coffee tables that include hidden storage compartments, like the Tesoro and the Tesoro Picnic. When in its raised position the Tesoro Picnic also features a bench that comfortably seats two.

    If you’re searching for a space-saving console table, our best-selling Goliath extends on a telescoping mechanism to turn into a dining solution for up to 12 people; Intra transforms from a 17” deep console into a 32” deep desk – or use it as a dining table that can seat up to six. Stacking tables, like Ascot, also work well in small spaces.

    Storage Solutions

    Storage is especially important for studio apartment dwellers; having a place for everything keeps your space clean and uncluttered. Our vast selection of customizable storage solutions is designed to integrate perfectly with our wall beds. Available in several sizes or built to order, standard boiseries and accessories are available in all the same VOC-free matte lacquers, melamine, and wood veneer finishes as the beds. Upper cabinets can be mounted above the bed to eliminate what would otherwise be wasted space.

    Our Tetris Wall Cabinets can be hung either horizontally or vertically, with the hinges oriented on the left, right, top or bottom to open in any direction. When paired with Tetris Wall Shelving, they offer a way to display – or hide away – your prized possessions. When used together with the boiseries or tall cabinets, they give any room a professionally designed appearance.


  • Enjoy a Smaller, More Sustainable Life

    Great studio apartment furniture isn’t just about making the best use of a small home — it’s also about transforming the way we relate to the space around us. When it comes to housing, many of us have been conditioned to think that bigger always equals better and that as we grow and succeed, we should expect more space in return.

    Great design can make us realize how arbitrary these ideas really are. Our products help you live better while keeping your environmental footprint to a minimum. Instead of having several expensive pieces of furniture that take up space and require maintenance and cleaning, why not have a single, multifunctional unit that looks great and frees up your room?

  • City Living Can Be This Easy

    The best way to experience the benefits of our products for yourself is to visit us in person at one of our many North American showrooms. Live outside of a major city but still want to shop our selection of high-end studio apartment furniture? Shipping is available throughout North America. Explore our inventory using the links on this page or get in touch with one of our representatives to request a quote for any piece.