Twin Murphy Beds

We carry a full lineup of twin Murphy-style beds by the renowned Italian manufacturer Clei, any of which can be customized in a range of different colors and specifications.

Our products are perfect for a child’s bedroom, a guest bedroom or anywhere else in the home. If you’re looking for a better alternative to a sofa or daybed, browse our inventory of twin murphy beds today.

About our Twin Wall Beds
  • Clei Fold-Down Twin Beds

    Our products offer modular flexibility and stylish, European-inspired good looks. Thoroughly modern and built to the highest standards of quality, our twin Murphy beds are known for their compact footprint. Popular sellers include:

    • Kali: The Kali family of products includes hideaway twin beds that double as a sofa or desk when not in use and feature built-in storage. Each unit is made to order and can be customized to fit seamlessly into your space. Add on extra shelving, a wall closet or any number of other items for a complete, integrated solution.
    • Cabrio: The Cabrio is a horizontal murphy bed that serves as a desk during the day, and a twin bed at night. Perfect for second bedrooms that double as a home office, the Cabrio lets you store computers, files, or even a tv on its sleep=k shelves.
    • Altea: The Altea is similar to a conventional Murphy bed but features a smaller profile and an expanded range of design possibilities. Multifunctional Altea beds fold down into a chair or small sofa when not in use. Select models include bookcase-style shelving and other storage options.

    For more information about our various product lines and how they work together, contact our office to speak with a representative directly.

  • Product Benefits

    Clei twin wall beds are a smarter, more versatile alternative to a cot, blow-up mattress or sofa bed. Use them in any application where a queen size bed isn’t necessary, or where a multifunctional unit makes more sense than having dedicated furniture.

    For example, a horizontal twin wall bed can be a great choice for apartment dwellers who often have friends or family members with young children staying over. If you don’t have space for a dedicated guest room, Clei products allow you to easily turn a living room or home office work area into a place to sleep when necessary.

  • The Rundown on Our Many Types of Twin Murphy Beds

    Wall beds give you options for a room that you may never have thought of. They buy you extra space because they can be folded away when they’re not in use. We want as many people as possible to be able to take advantage of this space-saving opportunity, and so we sell a wide variety of murphy beds to fit any type of apartment or house. You can find one that suits your home, with special features that perfectly complement your needs.

    Browse through our descriptions of the beds we have available to find one that addresses your unique desires. Whether you are getting a new bed for your home, or you are an architect or developer looking to add unique elements to a new design, you can give your home new practical dimensions when you buy one of our murphy beds.

  • Horizontal Twin Murphy Bed

    When you think of twin-size murphy beds, you probably think of beds that fold down from the wall vertically. But we also offer beds that fold out horizontally, a fresh and fun twist on the traditional wall bed. Our twin horizontal version is easy to pull out of the wall and takes little muscle to put away. You can pop it in and out repeatedly without wearing down the springs.

  • Why Choose a Horizontal Bed?

    This type of bed is ideal for:

    • People who like innovative ideas
    • Homes with narrow bedrooms
    • Homes with limited bedrooms
  • Vertical Murphy Bed in Twin Size

    Most of the wall beds you find in our selection are the traditional vertical murphy beds. These pull out of the wall vertically, with the long end of the bed coming down first. These have taller folding cases than horizontal beds.

    They help rooms gain additional space without having to actually purchase that real estate. For example, by putting a vertical wall bed in your children’s bedroom, they benefit from added play space when the bed is raised each morning.

  • Twin Murphy Beds With Desks

    When you buy a house or apartment with limited space, or if you have guests visiting your home frequently, you may think you have to give up your dream of having a study. Our wall beds that convert into desks argue otherwise. These convenient pieces have a basic desk that can transform into a bed when you pull it out from the wall. You can use a bedroom as a study by day and bedroom for your overnight guests by night.

  • Hide Away Twin Bed With Sofa

    For homes with only one bedroom, finding another place for a guest to sleep can be challenging. A hideaway twin bed with a sofa lets you stow away that extra bed in plain sight, in the living room. Our beds allow you to enjoy the comfort of a sofa during the day, which converts to a bed for overnight guests in the evening.

  • Compact Solutions for Style-Conscious Spaces

    Clei products are built to last, use quality components and are backed by a lifetime warranty when purchased for home use. Unlike cheaper options, our products offer true modular flexibility and long-term durability. They’re also environmentally friendly and made exclusively in factories that pay their laborers a fair living wage.

    Smart, sustainable and value-packed, Clei twin bed systems are the right choice for anyone looking to make the best use of a small space. To see our products in action, visit one of our North American showrooms today.