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Coda Side / Occasional Tables
Coda Side / Occasional Tables
Coda Side / Occasional Tables
Coda Side / Occasional Tables
Coda Side / Occasional Tables

Coffee and Side Tables


Meet Coda, the collection of coffee and side tables that use negative space and geometric forms to striking effect. Coda's circular epoxy top appears to float atop its pentagonal base; delicate upward curves along the edges of the tabletop lend this table it's distinct, sculptural look.LL20

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  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Available in two sizes
  • Epoxy finish available in a variety of colors

Product Specs

Product Dimensions
Coffee Table 33.5 in 33.5 in 13 in
Side Table 15.75 in 15.75 in 20.125 in
Display Dimensions in |


  • E1100 Titanium Silk E1100 Titanium Silk
  • E1500 Granite Matte E1500 Granite Matte
  • E1600 Basalt Matte E1600 Basalt Matte
  • E1700 Pearl Matte E1700 Pearl Matte
  • E1900 Biscotti Matte E1900 Biscotti Matte
  • E2000 Alfalfa Matte E2000 Alfalfa Matte
  • E2100 Charcoal Matte E2100 Charcoal Matte
  • E2200 Nuit Silk E2200 Nuit Silk
  • E2300 Bronze Silk E2300 Bronze Silk
  • E2500 Taupe Silk E2500 Taupe Silk
  • E2600 Lava Silk E2600 Lava Silk
  • E2700 Khaki Diamond E2700 Khaki Diamond
  • E2800 Raven Diamond E2800 Raven Diamond
  • E3000 Lead Diamond E3000 Lead Diamond
  • E3100 Patina Diamond E3100 Patina Diamond
  • E3200 Alpaca Diamond E3200 Alpaca Diamond
  • E3400 Silver Silk E3400 Silver Silk
  • E3500 Nickel Silk E3500 Nickel Silk
  • E3600 Noctis Diamond E3600 Noctis Diamond
  • E800 Ice Silk E800 Ice Silk
  • E900 Ebony Silk E900 Ebony Silk


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