Mara Dining / Office Chair
Mara Dining / Office Chair
Mara Dining / Office Chair
Mara Dining / Office Chair
Mara Dining / Office Chair
Mara Dining / Office Chair
Mara Dining / Office Chair
Mara Dining / Office Chair
Mara Dining / Office Chair
Mara Dining / Office Chair
Mara Dining / Office Chair


Dining / Office Chair

Lend a refined, new look to your space with the Mara armchair. Curved armrests and a soft, inviting seat create subtle warmth, while fine detailing attracts the eye from every angle. The Mara offers several base options to fit a range interior styles — choose from a steel wire frame, solid oak legs, a curved metal base or even castors. Whichever version you choose, the Mara is sure to be an elegant, streamlined edition to your dining room, living room, or home office.LL19

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Product Info

Resource Furniture offers a complete line of carefully curated seating, including the finest European-made sofas, sectionals, armchairs, occasional seating, dining chairs, bar stools and recliners available. Our seating collection features pieces that are flexible, small-scale, or customizable, all of which are available in a variety of fabrics, leathers, and finishes to suit your aesthetic.

From space-saving sofas and sectionals to dining and office chairs—and everything in between—our seating collection features hand-selected products ideal for a wide range of spaces and projects: residential, commercial or contract. To view our seating collection in person, schedule an appointment, or visit us at one of our Resource Furniture Showrooms.

  • Made in Italy
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Customized Comfort
Product Dimensions
Mara Chair 61 cm 64 cm 86 cm
Display Dimensions in |
Epoxy Base
  • E3000 Lead Diamond E3000 Lead Diamond
  • E3100 Patina Diamond E3100 Patina Diamond
  • E3200 Alpaca Diamond E3200 Alpaca Diamond
  • E2000 Alfalfa Matte E2000 Alfalfa Matte
  • E1900 Biscotti Matte E1900 Biscotti Matte
  • E1600 Basalt Matte E1600 Basalt Matte
  • E1100 Titanium Silk E1100 Titanium Silk
  • E2100 Charcoal Matte E2100 Charcoal Matte
  • E1500 Granite Matte E1500 Granite Matte
  • E2700 Khaki Diamond E2700 Khaki Diamond
  • E800 Ice Silk E800 Ice Silk
  • E3400 Silver Silk E3400 Silver Silk
  • E2800 Raven Diamond E2800 Raven Diamond
  • E1700 Pearl Matte E1700 Pearl Matte
  • E3500 Nickel Silk E3500 Nickel Silk
  • E2200 Nuit Silk E2200 Nuit Silk
  • E2500 Taupe Silk E2500 Taupe Silk
  • E2300 Bronze Silk E2300 Bronze Silk
  • E2300 Bronze Silk E2300 Bronze Silk
  • E900 Ebony Silk E900 Ebony Silk
  • E3600 Noctis Diamond E3600 Noctis Diamond
Metal Base
  • Polished Aluminum Polished Aluminum
Lacquer Base
  • 10 Black 10 Black
  • 11 Ash 11 Ash
  • 20 Santos 20 Santos
  • 25 Spray 25 Spray
  • 30 Dove 30 Dove
  • 40 Pewter 40 Pewter
  • 50 Coal 50 Coal
  • 70 Taupe 70 Taupe
  • 80 Ivory 80 Ivory
  • 81 Cocoa 81 Cocoa
  • 90 White 90 White
  • 120 Powder 120 Powder
  • 130 Lily 130 Lily
  • 155 Sahara 155 Sahara
  • 160 Saffron 160 Saffron
  • 170 Kurkuma 170 Kurkuma
  • 175 Thyme 175 Thyme
  • 210 Carbon 210 Carbon
  • 286 Wave 286 Wave
  • 288 Air 288 Air
  • 290 Eclipse 290 Eclipse
  • 390 Cranberry 390 Cranberry
  • 400 Pepper 400 Pepper
  • 425 Minnola 425 Minnola
  • 435 Cedar 435 Cedar
  • C3100 Eggshell C3100 Eggshell
  • C3000 Vanilla C3000 Vanilla
  • C1100 Platinum C1100 Platinum
  • C3500 Pumice C3500 Pumice
  • C4300 Alpaca C4300 Alpaca
  • C3600 Champagne C3600 Champagne
  • C4400 Taupe C4400 Taupe
  • C4600 Notte C4600 Notte
  • C1000 Dark Chocolate C1000 Dark Chocolate
  • C2900 Gold C2900 Gold
  • C4500 Bronze C4500 Bronze
  • C2800 Military C2800 Military
  • C1200 Steel C1200 Steel
  • C1300 Raven C1300 Raven
Wood Legs
  • M2100 Naturel Walnut Matte M2100 Naturel Walnut Matte
  • M2100 Naturel Oak Matte M2100 Naturel Oak Matte
  • Pale White Oak Pale White Oak
  • M3700 Macademia Oak Matte M3700 Macademia Oak Matte
  • M4200 Coffee Oak Matte M4200 Coffee Oak Matte
  • M4100 Nut Oak Matte M4100 Nut Oak Matte
  • M2900 Santos Oak Matte M2900 Santos Oak Matte
  • M4300 Night Oak Matte M4300 Night Oak Matte
  • M4500 Pinegrey Oak Matte M4500 Pinegrey Oak Matte
  • M5000 Hazel Oak Matte M5000 Hazel Oak Matte
  • M4400 Pistache Oak Matte M4400 Pistache Oak Matte
  • M4000 White Oak Matte M4000 White Oak Matte
Fabric Novum
  • Novum Curry Novum Curry
  • Novum Terra Novum Terra
  • Novum Coral Novum Coral
  • Novum Sunset Novum Sunset
  • Novum Heart Novum Heart
  • Novum Magenta Novum Magenta
  • Novum Viola Novum Viola
  • Novum Prune Novum Prune
  • Novum Amur Novum Amur
  • Novum Blues Novum Blues
  • Novum Azur Novum Azur
  • Novum Prisma Novum Prisma
  • Novum Samoa Novum Samoa
  • Novum Mambo Novum Mambo
  • Novum Tivoli Novum Tivoli
  • Novum Moss Novum Moss
  • Novum Pinie Novum Pinie
  • Novum Seed Novum Seed
  • Novum Rosewood Novum Rosewood
  • Novum Cacao Novum Cacao
  • Novum Lord Novum Lord
  • Novum Prime Novum Prime
  • Novum Delphi Novum Delphi
  • Novum Plaza Novum Plaza
  • Novum Santos Novum Santos
  • Novum Paradise Novum Paradise
  • Novum Cocos Novum Cocos
  • Novum Moon Novum Moon
  • Novum Snow Novum Snow
  • Novum Angora Novum Angora
  • Novum Stone Novum Stone
  • Novum Kies Novum Kies
  • Novum Carbon Novum Carbon
  • Novum Lanoso Novum Lanoso
  • Novum Ebony Novum Ebony
  • Novum Pear Novum Pear
  • Novum Litchi Novum Litchi
  • Novum Lagoon Novum Lagoon
  • Novum Flamingo Novum Flamingo
  • Novum Pepper Novum Pepper
Fabric Credo
  • Credo Chalk Credo Chalk
  • Credo Zinn Credo Zinn
  • Credo Fels Credo Fels
  • Credo Carbon Credo Carbon
  • Credo Asphalt Credo Asphalt
  • Credo Black Credo Black
  • Credo Pepper Credo Pepper
  • Credo Snow Credo Snow
  • Credo Calla Credo Calla
  • Credo Macadamia Credo Macadamia
  • Credo Walnut Credo Walnut
  • Credo Fango Credo Fango
  • Credo Schiefer Credo Schiefer
  • Credo Navy Credo Navy
  • Credo Sea Credo Sea
  • Credo Diamond Credo Diamond
  • Credo Lake Credo Lake
  • Credo Jaspis Credo Jaspis
  • Credo Aloe Credo Aloe
  • Credo Forest Credo Forest
  • Credo Rubin Credo Rubin
  • Credo Lampion Credo Lampion
  • Credo Grapefruit Credo Grapefruit
  • Credo Aureo Credo Aureo
  • Credo Kupfer Credo Kupfer
  • Credo Breva Credo Breva
  • Credo Taupe Credo Taupe
Leather Wapiti
  • Wapiti 910 Chuchubi Wapiti 910 Chuchubi
  • Wapiti 129 Triel Wapiti 129 Triel
  • Wapiti 1386 Hazy Wapiti 1386 Hazy
  • Wapiti 1 Black Wapiti 1 Black
  • Wapiti 200 Kepanki Wapiti 200 Kepanki
  • Wapiti 607 Kardinaal Wapiti 607 Kardinaal
  • Wapiti 1107 Nomade Wapiti 1107 Nomade
  • Wapiti 120 Alba Wapiti 120 Alba
  • Wapiti 900 Sabaku Wapiti 900 Sabaku
Leather Noli
  • Noli 272 Olivia Noli 272 Olivia
  • Noli 210 Ramo Noli 210 Ramo
  • Noli 620 Moka Noli 620 Moka
  • Noli 100 Carbone Noli 100 Carbone
  • Noli 190 Argento Noli 190 Argento
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