Poppi Book


The Poppi Book is a horizontally-opening wall bed featuring built-in bookshelves that provide 20 linear feet of shelving. Poppi Book is available as a twin (90) or an intermediate size wall bed (120).

The Poppi Book is also available as a Poppi Book Desk, which features a fold-down desk on the front of the unit – an ideal fit for those looking to seamlessly convert a bedroom space into a comfortable and functional home office.

  • Designed and made in Italy
  • Lifetime warranty on mechanism
  • VOC-free lacquers
  • Custom, Italian-made mattress program

The Poppi Book is designed and made in Italy by Clei, the global leader in transforming furniture for more than 50 years. All Clei wall beds are available in a wide range of fabrics and finishes and feature a patented slatted bed base for maximum comfort. Choose from a selection of OEKO-TEX certified Italian mattresses, backed by a 20-year warranty.

Additionally, our extensive modular closet and shelving systems integrate seamlessly with the entire Clei wall bed collection to provide customizable storage options

Also available in a similar queen size; see the Circe.

Space-saving beds fold up into the wall and create extra, valuable square footage. This is the case with many queen Murphy beds — especially Murphy beds in NYC, where space is at a huge premium.

Today’s innovative transforming furniture can be much more than a disappearing bed. It also performs multiple functions and the Poppi Book is a perfect example of this. This unit not only eliminates the problem that many twin beds have of taking away valuable space, but it fills that space with an attractive and efficient storage solution in the form of multiple shelves and a fold away bed.

Lead time: 16-18 weeks

Pricing: Everything is made to order. Call for pricing, or click here to request a quote.

Origin: Made in Italy

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A Unique Space-Saving Bed

When the bed is away, you even have the option of a fold-out table to add to the functionality of this piece. Whether you’re seeking twin wall beds in NYC or in the suburbs, for a child’s room or as a multi-purpose guest room, the Poppi Book is an elegant and effective answer.

The standard Twin 90 size of the Poppi Book extends to 86.625 inches in height with the shelving unit included (the unit takes up 40.25 inches of space beneath the shelving), and 85 inches across. With the bed folded away, the unit extends out 12.25 inches. With the bed down, the unit extends out 39.625 inches.

For the 120 Intermediate unit, the bed extends to 48.875 inches. The optional table extends to 39.375 inches, is 67 inches across and 26.1 inches high. The unit is available in the usual wide array of laminates, veneers and finishes to suit any space.

Transform Your Space With Poppi Book

Trying to make small spaces work for comfortable living has always been a challenge. More and more people are seeking multifunctional furniture in New York City and beyond to meet this challenge in a comfortable effective manner. Even those who don’t lack space in their homes are looking to transforming furniture to allow their spaces to adjust to their changing lifestyle.

Today’s multifunctional furniture is becoming a popular lifestyle choice. People are choosing to live in tiny houses and smaller spaces in order to reduce their carbon footprints and simplify their lives. Or, they want to live in high demand neighborhoods that have small apartments. Baby Boomers are downsizing, while still needing space for guests and grandkids. The Poppi Book is the perfect piece of furniture for any space or need.

Enjoy Everything Poppi Book Has to Offer

Because the Poppi Book can simplify and streamline a space so much, you may be concerned about sacrificing comfort or style. You will only have this concern until the first time you have a piece of furniture from Resource Furniture in your home. Resource Furniture wall beds are stylish, , easy to use, and add square footage to a space — with sacrificing anything!

Expert craftsmen — working for a company that has been bringing Italian furniture-making principles to the modern world for over half a century — have created a wall bed system that guests, homeowners, developers and designers are thrilled to incorporate into a space. We’re so confident in the quality of these pieces that we guarantee all wall bed mechanisms for a lifetime in residential use.

Find out for yourself how the Poppi Book can transform your home. Contact your nearest Resource Furniture showroom today.