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Multifunctional Coffee Tables


Our Six Table plays with unique forms to stunning effect. This multifunctional coffee table consists of various pieces of different heights that allow for numerous compositions. Use as a coffee table or ottoman; the Six Table features an iconic hexagonal shape and a glossy lacquered top.BR15

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  • Made in Italy
  • Made-to-measure
  • Multiple sizes available

Product Specs

Product Dimensions
Six Table 9.125 in 15.75 in 9.875/13.75/15.75/17.75 in
Display Dimensions in |


BR Woods
  • Natural Oak 103 Natural Oak 103
BR Lacquers
  • White Glossy 710 White Glossy 710
  • Charcoal Grey Glossy 765 Charcoal Grey Glossy 765
  • Earl Grey Glossy 755 Earl Grey Glossy 755
  • Burgundy Red Glossy 745 Burgundy Red Glossy 745
  • Clear Grey Glossy 750 Clear Grey Glossy 750
  • Dark Grey Glossy 760 Dark Grey Glossy 760
  • Mocha Glossy 775 Mocha Glossy 775
  • Black Glossy 780 Black Glossy 780
Matte Lacquers
  • Oak Black 680 Oak Black 680
  • Oak Burgundy Red 645 Oak Burgundy Red 645
  • Oak Charcoal Grey 665 Oak Charcoal Grey 665
  • Oak Clear Grey 650 Oak Clear Grey 650
  • Oak Dark Grey 660 Oak Dark Grey 660
  • Oak Earl Grey 655 Oak Earl Grey 655
  • Oak Mocha 675 Oak Mocha 675
  • Oak White 610 Oak White 610


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