Our previous location, 861 Richards Street, is open by appointment only.

Resource Furniture Vancouver is British Columbia, Canada's premier source for European multifunctional furniture and transforming furniture including the finest Italian wall bed systems (or Murphy beds) available anywhere in the world. Designed and made in Italy by Clei, these systems feature the finest Italian design, a wide range of customization options and are the slimmest wall bed systems possible. They are so reliable that we offer a lifetime warranty on all mechanisms. Resource Furniture Vancouver also carries a wide selection of transforming tables, fine, Italian sofas and sections, seating, office solutions and much more.

The expert Resource Furniture Vancouver team looks forward to seeing you in the showroom!


124 West Hastings St
Vancouver BC, V6B 1G9
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t: 604.899.8874



Vancouver Showroom Hours



Meet the Vancouver Team


David Hooper
Owner/Stunt man

Now that he's not falling out of trees or fighting Jackie Chan anymore, David has retired into the wonderful world of small spaces. Often enough, the stunt man still comes out every now and then. Just ask for "Transformable Dave" when you come into our Vancouver showroom!


Aleksandra Popovic

Aleksandra is our very own Croatian transformable human. She can design your tiny space and then transform into a satellite to find out where in the world your furniture is, be it, Milan, Vancouver or the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. If you want someone to do everything and anything, she can do it. Except eat meat... she won't do that.


Louise Marsh
Designer/Sales/Potato Lover

Louise is the funny one who know she's funny! She is our resident Irish and not only is she an expert at "Irish Yoga", she's an expert at small space design. If you want your floor plans transformed into a 3D model in minutes, she's the one you want. Louise is our Vancouver "Go-To-Girl".


Chloe Willison
Office Administrator/Wilderness explorer

When something needs to be done on the spot, Chloe is the one that’ll say “No problem”. She deals with a bit of everything including scheduling meetings, deliveries and installs all the while preparing statements, updating clients and answering the phone with the best phone voice ever! She’s the first face you’ll see when you come to our showroom and you can be sure you’ll be greeted with a smile... So long as she’s gotten her coffee first.