Side and Occasional Tables

Light, refined and practical, the Portello side table punctuates your space with pops of artful charm. Two, multi-tiered leaves in lacquer or solid oak finishes provide the perfect spot to perch your drink while you lounge. This lightweight side table also features a convenient handle under its top leaf.LL19

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  • Made in Netherlands
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Customized Comfort
Product Info

Specially designed with small spaces in mind, the Portello pairs perfectly with any of our lounge chairs or sofa wall beds, like the Oslo or Swing.

Our collection of tables features the finest European-made dining tables, coffee tables, console tables, side tables and, of course, transforming tables that maximize every square foot in any space. We are proud to offer a wide selection of high-end, European-made tables to suit every style and accommodate every need in a multifunctional home. As with all of our products, each order can be customized in a wide range of woods, lacquers, and other finishes to suit your aesthetic.

We also offer a selection of our best-selling transforming tables available in our Quick Ship program for delivery in the U.S. For more information about our tables, contact us to schedule an appointment to speak with one of our design experts, or stop by one of our showrooms.

Product Dimensions
Portello 17.625 in 14.125 in 20.825 in
Display Dimensions in |
  • E1100 Titanium Silk E1100 Titanium Silk
  • E1500 Granite Matte E1500 Granite Matte
  • E1600 Basalt Matte E1600 Basalt Matte
  • E1700 Pearl Matte E1700 Pearl Matte
  • E1900 Biscotti Matte E1900 Biscotti Matte
  • E2000 Alfalfa Matte E2000 Alfalfa Matte
  • E2100 Charcoal Matte E2100 Charcoal Matte
  • E2200 Nuit Silk E2200 Nuit Silk
  • E2300 Bronze Silk E2300 Bronze Silk
  • E2500 Taupe Silk E2500 Taupe Silk
  • E2600 Lava Silk E2600 Lava Silk
  • E2700 Khaki Diamond E2700 Khaki Diamond
  • E2800 Raven Diamond E2800 Raven Diamond
  • E3000 Lead Diamond E3000 Lead Diamond
  • E3100 Patina Diamond E3100 Patina Diamond
  • E3200 Alpaca Diamond E3200 Alpaca Diamond
  • E3400 Silver Silk E3400 Silver Silk
  • E3500 Nickel Silk E3500 Nickel Silk
  • E3600 Noctis Diamond E3600 Noctis Diamond
  • E800 Ice Silk E800 Ice Silk
  • E900 Ebony Silk E900 Ebony Silk
  • Polished Aluminum Polished Aluminum
LL Lacquers
  • 10 Black 10 Black
  • 11 Ash 11 Ash
  • 20 Santos 20 Santos
  • 025 Spray 025 Spray
  • 030 Dove 030 Dove
  • 040 Pewter 040 Pewter
  • 050 Coal 050 Coal
  • 070 Taupe 070 Taupe
  • 80 Ivory 80 Ivory
  • 081 Cocoa 081 Cocoa
  • 90 White 90 White
  • 120 Powder 120 Powder
  • 130 Lily 130 Lily
  • 155 Sahara 155 Sahara
  • 160 Saffron 160 Saffron
  • 170 Kurkuma 170 Kurkuma
  • 175 Thyme 175 Thyme
  • 210 Carbon 210 Carbon
  • 286 Wave 286 Wave
  • 288 Air 288 Air
  • 290 Eclipse 290 Eclipse
  • 390 Cranberry 390 Cranberry
  • 400 Pepper 400 Pepper
  • 425 Minnola 425 Minnola
  • 435 Cedar 435 Cedar
  • C3100 Eggshell C3100 Eggshell
  • C3000 Vanilla C3000 Vanilla
  • C1100 Platinum C1100 Platinum
  • C3500 Pumice C3500 Pumice
  • C4300 Alpaca C4300 Alpaca
  • C3600 Champagne C3600 Champagne
  • C4400 Taupe C4400 Taupe
  • C4600 Notte C4600 Notte
  • C1000 Dark Chocolate C1000 Dark Chocolate
  • C2900 Gold C2900 Gold
  • C4500 Bronze C4500 Bronze
  • C2800 Military C2800 Military
  • C1200 Steel C1200 Steel
  • C1300 Raven C1300 Raven
LL Woods
  • M2100 Naturel Walnut Matte M2100 Naturel Walnut Matte
  • M2100 Naturel Oak Matte M2100 Naturel Oak Matte
  • Pale White Oak Pale White Oak
  • M3700 Macademia Oak Matte M3700 Macademia Oak Matte
  • M4200 Coffee Oak Matte M4200 Coffee Oak Matte
  • M4100 Nut Oak Matte M4100 Nut Oak Matte
  • M2900 Santos Oak Matte M2900 Santos Oak Matte
  • M4300 Night Oak Matte M4300 Night Oak Matte
  • M4500 Pinegrey Oak Matte M4500 Pinegrey Oak Matte
  • M5000 Hazel Oak Matte M5000 Hazel Oak Matte
  • M4400 Pistache Oak Matte M4400 Pistache Oak Matte
  • M4000 White Oak Matte M4000 White Oak Matte
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