Transforming Furniture

Multifunctional, transforming furniture from Resource Furniture makes every square foot work harder.

Wall Beds: Made in Italy by Clei, our collection of 60+ wall bed systems effortlessly transform from one use to another, allowing a single space to perform multiple functions. These spaces savers are ideal for studio apartments, guest rooms, home offices and more.

Transforming Tables:  Whether it’s a coffee to dining table (such as the Cristallo) or an expanding console to dining table (like the Goliath), our extensive line of multifunctional tables will transform the way you use your space.

Seating and Other Essentials: Our space saving essentials are the finishing touch for every multifunctional home. Whether you’re looking for compact seating, transformable wall accessories, or customizable storage solutions, we have it all.

Browse our collection of multifunctional solutions and transforming furniture for small spaces , or see what the press has to say about our collection of Clei wall beds, transforming tables, and other space saving essentials.