Queen Transforming Wall Bed Systems

Resource Furniture’s queen size wall bed systems provide an elegant and convenient sleeping space for two that can be folded up and out of the way when not in use. Compared to traditional sofa beds, our wall beds provide far superior comfort, style and convenience. Compared to a conventional Murphy bed, our wall beds offer additional functions when the bed is not in use; a comfortable sofa, a dining table, desk, or bookshelves are all available. Some models also feature built-in under-seat storage and interior shelving.

Our wall beds are designed and made in Italy, and are of such high quality that we offer a lifetime warranty on all mechanisms. If you’re looking for a smart way to make the best use of space, whether it’s in your bedroom or in a guest suite,  Resource Furniture wall beds are an excellent investment that blends European style and innovative engineering.

Explore Our Queen Wall and Sofa Beds

Follow the links on this page to learn more about our full selection of queen size Murphy beds, storage beds and other products. Through partnerships with innovative companies such as Clei — the renowned Italian manufacturer of smart, sustainable furniture — we’re able to offer our customers some of the most sophisticated products on the market today.

All products are made to order and can be customized to suit your tastes. Available products include the Oslo 173, a queen wall bed system with a sofa and optional ottoman. The Circe, another popular item, integrates a Murphy bed into our modular shelving and storage units, while the Ulisse line of products transforms to a desk or table when the bed is put away.

Experience Italian Quality and Style

Clei queen size wall beds reflect advanced European design and styling. All products in our inventory are backed by a lifetime warranty when purchased for home use. Clei is also committed to sustainable manufacturing — all queen Murphy beds are made in Italy to exceptionally high standards of quality control, using environmentally friendly materials and techniques.

Lead times for made-to-order products are between 12 and 16 weeks. For faster delivery, explore our quick-ship inventory of popular products and styles. Quick-ship items are delivered directly from one of our North American warehouses and will typically arrive in two to three weeks.

Benefits and Potential Applications

In both form and function, Clei queen sofa beds and wall beds are designed to meet the needs of today. Our products turn small rooms into multifunctional spaces that are comfortable and convenient to sleep and live in. If you love your current lifestyle but are feeling increasingly cramped in your space, the right furniture can be a better alternative to moving.

Use a Clei queen wall bed as your primary sleeping space and enjoy hotel-quality comfort in a convenient wall bed format. Our products are also great for turning your home office or living room into a guest bedroom when necessary, or into a child’s bedroom or in-law suite.

Types of Queen-Size Wall Beds Available From Resource Furniture

Resource Furniture embraces innovation. The many kinds of queen-size murphy beds we sell include elements designed to make your house more functional, more spacious and more enjoyable. Each bed has been designed to bring something different to your home, whether it’s additional seating space or storage.

Which style of bed is right for your home? Browse through our selection below to figure out what would work best with your home or the house you are designing or decorating, if you are an architect or interior designer. Whether you are buying for yourself or a client, you can find options to fit your needs and address any space concerns you may have.

Queen Murphy Beds

The most basic type of queen wall beds we offer are the traditional murphy beds. These fold into the wall and come down when you or whoever is using the bed are ready to sleep. Such beds come in a variety of different styles. Ours include ones with bookshelves built into the wall, shelves for holding knickknacks or just plain walls. The type you want on your needs.

By choosing a murphy bed in queen-size, you effectively add square footage to the room. You gain extra space where you could put a small table or even just leave it open. In small rooms, open space can help it feel more expansive.

Why Buy a Queen Murphy Bed?

This type of bed works best for:

  • Bedrooms and master bedrooms
  • Studies you want to double as guest bedrooms
  • Living rooms

Queen Sofa Wall Beds

When you fold up a sofa bed, you are left with a comfortable couch you can lounge on. You can put this style of bed in a living room, study or even a bedroom. The couch allows you to add seating space, an option you wouldn’t have in this room if you chose a regular bed taking up valuable floor space.

However, traditional sofa beds are often uncomfortable to sleep on, and don’t provide a practical day-to-day space saving solution. Queen wall bed sofas from Resource Furniture include a full mattress – making them a great option for daily use, or a comfortable sleeping area for guests.

Modern sofa beds in queen sizes, like the ones sold by Resource Furniture, are easy to maneuver. You don’t need a lot of strength to move these beds around. They fold down smoothly and spring back when you finish using them. The excellent craftsmanship from Clei makes for queen sofa wall beds that fit with many styles of décor. You can customize some options on many of our beds, such as the leather or fabric of the sofa.

Why Buy a Queen Sofa Bed?

This type of bed works best for:

  • Extra bedrooms
  • Studies
  • Living rooms

Queen Storage Beds

Many small homes and apartments lack the closet space of bigger places. This can leave you wondering what to do with the things you gather over the years as a homeowner, such as extra sheets and towels, holiday decorations, old sporting equipment and more. Queen storage beds provide a sleek way to hold all these things, without cluttering up your bedroom with yet another dresser or wardrobe.

The storage for these beds is built into the bed itself. You can raise the mattress to an angle and access the things you store underneath. Storage beds look the same as other queen beds. People who see them will have no idea that your Thanksgiving placemats or folded flannel sheets are hiding inside.

Why Buy a Queen Storage Bed?

This type of bed works best for:

  • Homes with little closet or other storage space
  • Apartments with one or two bedrooms
  • Families with multiple kids sharing a room

Queen-Size Murphy Beds With Desks

We sell murphy beds that have desks attached to the fold-up wall. Why pick a wall bed that transforms into a desk? This offers a fantastic way to add a study to an apartment or home with a limited number of rooms. You don’t want to sacrifice a place for guests to sleep, but you also want a location for your home office. When you select a queen wall bed with a desk, you can have both.

If you are an architect or interior designer, you can use a wall bed with a desk to help make a room stand out. This combination is completely unexpected and will make a lasting impression on a potential buyer or client.

Wall Beds in Queen-Size With a Dining Table

A dining room that doubles as a bedroom? It’s a daring and different idea. And you can pull it off when you purchase a murphy bed that transforms into a table. This unique space-saver can allow you to host guests in apartments or homes with a limited number of bedrooms, or studio apartments that incorporate all your different spaces into one.

Imagine how convenient it would be to turn your dining area into a bedroom. Guests can pop the bed out by themselves whenever they are ready to turn in, and the rest of the house can stay awake without bothering them.

Why Buy a Queen-Size Bed With a Dining Table?

This type of bed works best for:

  • Homes with limited bedrooms
  • Studio apartments
  • People who frequently host guests
  • People who love innovation

Murphy Beds in Queen-Size With a Sectional

Sectional seating areas add intimacy to a living area. They allow people to spread out and get comfortable while still having an intimate conversation. If you worry your small home or apartment can’t handle the size of a sectional, our queen murphy beds may be the answer.

With an attached sectional you can customize to your preferences, this bed gives you extra seating options while also opening up another room for guests. You will never worry about cluttering up a room with a sectional when you know it serves a secondary purpose.

Why Buy a Murphy Bed in Queen-Size With a Sectional?

This type of bed works best for:

  • Living rooms
  • Small rooms
  • People who love to entertain

See Our Products in Action

Whatever your specific furniture needs might be, there’s a good chance a Clei wall bed will meet them. You can see for yourself by scheduling an appointment at one of our nine North American showrooms. Or contact a sales representative directly to request a quote.