Resource Furniture Vancouver is British Columbia's premier source for European multifunctional furniture and transforming furniture including the finest Italian wall bed systems available anywhere in the world. Designed and made in Italy by Clei, these systems feature the finest Italian design and a wide range of customization options.

Resource Furniture also carries a wide selection of transforming tables, fine Italian sofas and sectionals, seating, office solutions and much more.

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Special Note: Help us help you! Make your visit as successful as possible by bringing floor-plans or room measurements with you to the showroom. 



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Vancouver BC, V6B 1G9
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West Hastings Showroom Parking (124 West Hastings)
2 Hours free parking available at International Village.
3 Street Parking spots out front of store.
Woodward’s Parking lot on Cordova - Exit to Hastings Street through Woodward’s Courtyard.
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Vancouver is a fast growing city that keeps on getting more expensive to live. The term ‘Housing Crisis’ is being thrown around a lot as more and more people are being challenged by the high price of real estate.

Resource Furniture Vancouver can help provide a solution to the high price of housing. Our compact furniture allows you to live comfortably and affordably without compromising your lifestyle. We aren’t just about small spaces, we are here to maximize your space, whether you live in a 200 square foot micro apartment or are downsizing to a 4000 square foot home. In Vancouver a 10 x 10 room is now around the $200,000 mark so it would be a shame to invest in an extra guest room that simply occupies a bed. Victoria and the Okanogan also has some of the hottest real estate in Canada so the problem isn’t unique to Vancouver.

We have over 75 space-convertible wall bed systems that have the option of an integrated second function. Our Wall beds, or ‘Murphy Beds’ as they are sometimes known, can also function as desks, sofas, dining tables, shelving, and storage units. We have different sizes of wall bed systems and they can be oriented vertically or horizontally, and we even offer Murphy bunk bed systems. These wall beds are the shallowest on the market, have the smallest footprint of any Murphy bed or wall bed, and come with our unbeatable lifetime warranty on the mechanisms. Storage and shelving units of all sizes can be added to your configuration and all be made in your choice of finishes and fabrics.

Our products are in use all over the world in commercial and residential settings, and units built in 1963 are still in perfect working condition today. Condo developers use our systems in their commercial projects because of their high level of durability and performance. Locally, Bosa has used hundreds of CLEI wall beds in numerous developments with their ‘BosaSpace’ packages.

In addition to our superior wall bed systems we offer a full selection of specially curated Italian furniture that will enhance and expand your functionality without compromising aesthetics. We carry a large selection of extendable console tables, transforming coffee tables, multifunctional sectional sofas, sofa beds, hidden offices and workstations, folding or stackable chairs, recliners, and transformable kitchen and dining tables. Cabinets, shelving, walk-in closets, and other storage solutions round out our collection. If you haven’t seen our ConcreteWall photographic wall covering collection -- it is a must see, and can transform the look and feel of a room instantly.

Our lead time for customized orders is 3 - 4 months but if you are in a hurry, we do have some stocked products available for Quick Ship in Vancouver and in the US.

We serve all parts of the Lower Mainland however we ship all over British Columbia. In Vancouver or Victoria we can have one of our team measure your space and help lay out the space in 3D software. If you live in Langley, Whistler, Nanaimo, Kamloops, Kelowna, Nelson, Prince George, or anywhere else in BC or the Yukon, send us your floor-plans and we can help find the best solution for your space.

We are more than happy to help our Washington State neighbours browse the many products in our Vancouver BC showroom since we are the closest Resource Furniture showroom to Seattle. We can help arrange for your order to be shipped to Seattle from LA or San Francisco.

No one offers transforming, space-saving furniture systems of the same quality, functionality, and durability -- let alone offers a full service solution from purchase to installation. Our products are not only designed in Italy, they are also sustainably manufactured and, thereby, workers earning a living wage. Attention to environmental issues and our commitment to green design gives our organization a competitive edge. This is why all of the products within our collections include CARB2 certified ecological panels with laser-welded, adhesive-free edges, and are painted with water-based paints that reduce the emission of harmful substances by up to 95% compared to solvent-based paints.
Our choices are guided by environmental awareness and safety. All of our suppliers are required to adhere to this policy, with a view to prolonging the useful life of products, reducing consumption and safeguarding environmental quality.

If you find products online that look similar to ours we encourage you to investigate them in person if at all possible. We are confident that you will find our products, finishes, fabrics, and options are far superior to any ‘competition’ when you experience them in our Vancouver showroom. See you soon!

Vancouver Showroom Hours


*Appointments are recommended 
*Please bring floorplans or room measurements when visiting the showroom

Meet the Vancouver Team

David Hooper
Owner/Stunt Man

Now that he's not falling out of trees or fighting Jackie Chan anymore, David has retired into the wonderful world of small spaces. Often enough, the stunt man still comes out every now and then. Just ask for "Transformable Dave" when you come into our Vancouver showroom!

Louise Marsh
Sales & Design Consultant/Potato Lover

Louise is the funny one here in Vancouver! She is our resident Irish and not only is she an expert at "Irish Yoga", she's an expert at small space design, with the help of a degree in Interior Architecture. If you want your floor plans transformed into a 3D model in minutes, she's the one you want. Louise is our Vancouver "Go-To-Girl".

Chloe Willison
Office Administrator/Wilderness explorer

When something needs to be done on the spot, Chloe is the one that’ll say “No problem”. She deals with a bit of everything including scheduling meetings, deliveries and installs all the while preparing statements, updating clients and answering the phone with the best phone voice ever! She’s the first face you’ll see when you come to our showroom and you can be sure you’ll be greeted with a smile... So long as she’s gotten her coffee first.