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Our luxurious Mattress Collection, crafted exclusively for our Clei wall beds, is made in Italy by Magniflex, Italy’s largest mattress manufacturer for more than 50 years. Guided by a commitment to the finest quality sleep, the health of consumers, product innovation, and environmental responsibility, each mattress in the collection has earned the prestigious OEKO-TEX certification, the most stringent third-party certification available, guaranteeing that there are no harmful substances or chemicals in our mattress.

Designed to maximize comfort and health, our premium mattresses feature water-expanded foams with no petroleum solvents, VOCs, or off-gassing, and are made from 100% non-toxic, biodegradable materials.

Your journey to a better night’s sleep starts with a visit to your nearest showroom. Each mattress is on display for you to experience for yourself, and they are usually in stock for quick delivery.

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Mattress Model
Comfort Level
Breathability Level
Cover Material
Core Material
OKEO-TEK® Certified
Removeable Cover
Reversible Comfort
Dual Core
20-year Warranty
Smart Safe
Hypoallergenic, Antimicrobial, and Optimal Support
Medical Natural Comfort Fabric
2cm Memoform + Hypo-allergenic Fiber
Magnifoam Elioform
7” (18cm)
Antimicrobial, Natural Breathable Fiber, and Customized Comfort
Bamboo Fiber
Magnifoam Elioform
7” (18cm)
Smart Comfort
Dual Core, Thermoregulating, and Customized Comfort
Magnifoam Eliosoft
7” (18cm)
Smart Green
Dual Core, Organic Cotton Cover, and Customized Comfort
Organic Cotton Fiber
Geomemory Aloe Vera
Eco-Green Support Foam
7” (18cm)
About Our Premium Mattress Collection
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