Wall Beds with Sofas

When looking for a space-saving sleeping solution, many people think a sofa bed is their only option. While sofa beds do offer two-for-one on functionality, they are usually uncomfortable, difficult to unfold, ruin bedding, and require maintenance over the years, leaving you with a less-than-ideal solution.

But there is a far better option – a high-quality, Italian-made wall bed with sofa. Resource Furniture offers a wide variety of the finest quality wall beds and wall bed sofas available, in sizes ranging from queen to twin to bunk beds – so you know you’ll find one that meets your needs and works perfectly in your space. With a wall bed sofa from Resource Furniture, there is no need to sacrifice comfort, quality or beauty.

Plus, we offer a wide range of fabrics and finishes to customize pieces to your design taste.

Browse our wide range of wall bed sofas here, or contact us today for more information on how a wall bed sofa can be a more modern, comfortable alternative to a traditional sofa bed.

Modern, Smart, and Comfortable

Murphy beds have been around since the early 1900s — since then, however, their design and engineering has improved considerably. Today’s wall beds are more sophisticated and multifunctional than ever before, making them a reliable and stylish addition to any home, guest room or small apartment.

Resource Furniture has a carefully curated collection of Murphy bed/couch combination furniture that effortlessly shifts between a place to sleep at night and a place to sit during the day.

Because our wall beds use real mattresses that don’t have to fold, they are much higher quality mattresses than are available for sofa beds. Our biodegradable, solvent-free mattresses are designed to be slept on every day – and no uncomfortable bar in the middle of your back! With a wall bed sofa, not only do you have a real bed at night, but you can leave the bedding on when you fold the bed away in the morning, revealing a comfortable sofa for use during the day – and no worrying about the bedding getting caught in the mechanism.

Wall bed sofas offer the best of both worlds – a real bed, a beautifully designed, comfortable sofa, and extra space in your room when the bed is folded up.

Our Murphy sofa beds are perfect:

  • As a more comfortable, stylish alternative to a conventional sofa bed
  • To free up space in a studio apartment or to convert a bedroom into a living room or media room during the day
  • In guest suites or other rooms where occasional sleeping spaces are required
  • In your vacation home

A Solution For Every Need

We offer a variety of sofa wall bed transforming furniture, including:

The Finest Products For The Best Experience

Murphy beds and other transforming furniture is all about making the best use of available space. We believe that with good design and the right products, a small home or apartment can have as many benefits as a large, suburban home. Our Murphy sofa beds cater to anyone who wants a more versatile space but doesn’t want to sacrifice day-to-day comfort.

Effectively, when you buy a sofa wall bed system, you aren’t buying furniture — you’re buying extra real estate without the hassle and expense of moving.

All products are designed and made in Italy by Clei, the global leader in transforming furniture design for more than 50 years. Each order is made just for you and can be customized in a variety of ways. Multiple fabric and finish options are available. We also have a selection of Quick Ship items available for delivery in the U.S. in 1-3 weeks.

Best of all, our wall beds are backed by a lifetime warranty on all mechanisms. Contact us today for more information or visit one of our showrooms to see for yourself how smart, convenient and practical our sofa wall bed transforming furniture is.