Multipurpose Furniture

Resource Furniture has traveled the globe sourcing the most innovative, space-maximizing solutions possible for the bedroom, living room, guest room and throughout your home. Browse our selection of multipurpose furniture, take look at some of the projects that feature multi-use products, or visit one of our showrooms to see the quality and ingenuity of our products for yourself.

About Our Multipurpose Furniture
  • What Is Multipurpose Furniture?

    Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a large single-family home, it always pays to make the best use of your space possible. Our multifunctional furniture solutions offer a winning combination of versatility, function, and style, so every square foot in your home can beautifully perform like one twice — or even three times — its size.

    Multifunctional furniture is a broad category of products that includes wall beds, transforming tables, compact seating, or innovative storage solutions.

    According to The Wall Street Journal, Resource Furniture is North America’s largest and most experienced multifunctional furnishing retailer, with more than 18 years of experience. Our unmatched collection of multi-use products includes:

    • Queen, twin and bunk wall beds with integrated sofas, desks, shelving and tables that allow one piece of furniture to do double-duty and maximize every square foot.
    • Transforming tables that can switch between dining and coffee table configurations, or narrow console tables that can expand to seat up to 12 people for a dinner party.
    • Innovative wall storage solutions, and other smart home essentials
  • Why Multipurpose Furniture Matters

    Multipurpose furniture is about making better use of available space. But it’s also about something larger. We believe that meeting the challenges of the future — whether environmental, economic or cultural — requires changing the way we think about space, becoming more conscious of our impact on the world, and taking steps to reduce our footprint.

    At Resource Furniture, this is more than just a marketing tactic. Our products are designed from the ground up to use materials better and, in the process, enable better living. Unlike disposable, mass-produced furniture, our products are manufactured using the highest quality, and most sustainable materials in state-of-the-art factories that pay their workers a living wage.

    Our high-quality, European-made furniture is an investment in your future and the future of our planet. It may cost more than Asian-made, discount furniture in the upfront, but it will last longer, perform more reliably, and look better over the long term than the alternatives. In fact, our products are of such high quality that we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our wall bed mechanisms.

  • A Modern Take on Multi-Use Furniture

    A commitment to sustainability is just one part of what makes Resource Furniture unique. We believe that when it comes to your home, design is just as important as environmental credentials. Investing in multifunctional furniture pieces doesn’t mean you need to compromise your interior design. Our products are not just functional — they are also beautiful!

    Modern European styling blends in with any type of decor, so you can be sure that your new piece will look great with your existing style. Our selection of modern furniture features simple lines and shapes that work with many different styles of home. Resource Furniture is a favorite with interior design professionals as our pieces allow for personal touches to be easily integrated. Additionally, we offer a range of fabric and finish options that allow you to customize your purchase to reflect your tastes.

  • Make the Most of Any Space, Big or Small, With Multipurpose Furniture from Resource

    For over 20 years, Resource Furniture has been evangelizing the advantages of multifunctional furniture. Furniture that adapts to changing situations while ensuring comfort, accessibility and sleek modern design is the mainstay of our collection. If you’re looking for furniture for small spaces — whether to entertain a crowd, host overnight or weekend  guests, or transform a living area or bedroom into a workspace —  it’s all about adaptability. Here are our top three space-saving, multifunctional furniture ideas:

    Convertible Console-to-Dining Tables

    Even a room too small for a dining table (or a coffee table) can usually accommodate a sleek console against a wall. If the console extends to act as a dining table, it’s almost a no-brainer.

    Mirrors that Double as Hidden Storage

    All small spaces benefit from well-placed mirrors as they enlarge the appearance of the room. A mirror that does double-duty as a storage unit – for coats, shoes, or whatever needs storing – quickly becomes a prized possession.

    Wall Beds with Sofas or Desks

    A bed is only useful for a fraction of the day, so why have it take up precious square footage in your apartment? Resource has an amazing selection of Murphy beds that transform into sofas, desks, and even dining tables so you can double the functionality of whatever space its used in. For bedrooms, our wall beds with desks are popular choices, especially for teenagers. For the living area, we have an array of exciting options, including sectional sofas with reclining feature and additional hidden storage.

  • Get Started Today

    Our products are made-to-order and typically involve lead times of between 12 and 16 weeks. We also have an extensive Quick-Ship program featuring our best-selling products in the most popular fabrics and finishes.

    If you’re ready to experience for yourself the transformative effect our multipurpose furniture can have on your home and your life, get in touch today! Schedule an appointment at one of our showrooms or contact us to speak with one of our sales and design experts.