Transforming Tables

Transforming tables from Resource Furniture maximize every square foot in any space. Whether it’s a coffee table that can be raised to transform into a dining table or a console that telescopes out into a banquet table, our extensive line of Italian-made space-saving, multifunctional tables will transform the way you use your space.

About Our Multifunctional, Transforming Table Collection
  • Our Convertible Tables Are Perfect For Small Spaces

    Many of our clients find that their dining rooms are underutilized, so they convert them into family rooms, guest bedrooms, or home offices that can be used every day. A transforming coffee table from Resource means there is no longer a need for a dedicated dining room — any space can provide a suitable dining setting. When the need arises, perhaps for dinner parties, a transforming coffee-to-dining or console-to-dining table ensures that everyone has a place to sit.

  • Coffee to Dining Tables

    We have a number of contemporary coffee tables that are convertible to dining tables with a simple mechanism that allows you to adjust the height with just one finger – see, for example, the Genie. Utilizing high-tech, hydraulic pistons, you can raise it just enough to use as a work table while seated on your sofa, or raise it all the way up to standard dining height of 30”. Several models — like the Brooklyn, Soleil, and Cristallo — also extend to comfortably seat 8-10 people.

    Our convertible coffee tables use metal framing that comes in a variety of finishes including chrome, bronze and graphite. Depending on the model, table tops are available in wood veneers, glass, melamine, lacquer, ceramic or even mortar-look finishes, allowing you fully customized piece of furniture. Modern design for a timeless look.

  • Console to Dining Tables

    Our console-to-dining tables, like the popular Goliath and Voile, expand with additional extension leaves to seat up to 12 people so you can have an on-demand banquet for visiting family or when hosting holiday dinners. Other models, like the Falda and Intra, are convertible to dining tables by folding open the top to double in width. When not being used for work or dining, these modern console tables work perfectly in the entryway or foyer.

    These are beautiful pieces of furniture that don’t sacrifice function. Depending on the model, choose from a selection of lacquers, melamine or wood finishes.

    We also have a full line of compact and folding seating solutions to coordinate with our console tables.

  • Wall-Mounted Folding Tables

    If your room doesn’t have enough floor space for even a small convertible coffee table, consider a wall-mounted folding table set-up.

    The Specchio Table camouflages itself as a decorative wall mirror until you need a table. Sleek and contemporary in its styling, the Specchio’s front legs are completely hidden within the mirror’s epoxy-coated frame; with one simple movement, a generous 54” table with white melamine surface is revealed.

    Wally is a transforming table with hidden storage. Like the Specchio Table, Wally disguises its true identity. In its closed position it’s an attractive wall cabinet available in a choice of six melamine or 35 lacquer finishes. One light touch releases it from its upright position to reveal customizable, magnetic storage shelves and a five foot table surface – big enough to use as a workstation or dining table.

    If you’re looking for a larger work surface, the Scivoli is the ideal transforming table. Available in widths from 31” to 47” — and lengths from 59” up to 79” – the Scivoli rolls smoothly on rubber wheels to slide up against the wall. Custom lengths and widths are also possible. The powder-coated, steel base comes in standard white and is also available in black or grey for an additional up-charge. Choose from a wide variety of laminates and lacquers, matte or glossy, for the top.

  • Tables with Storage

    Among are most popular transforming tables are the Tesoro and Tesoro Picnic, two height-adjusting coffee tables with built-in storage. These multifunctional pieces transform from coffee table to dining table or workspace with a simple lifting motion, exposing clever, hidden storage compartments for books, electronics or toys. When the surface of the Tesoro Picnic is fully raised, a bench seat for two is revealed.

  • Extending/Expanding Tables

    Our expanding dining tables take traditional drop leaf tables to an entirely new level. We have a large selection of dining tables that feature self-storing wooden leaves such as Merlin, Azores, Zeus, Amalong Extension Table and Plurimo. Looking for a glass topped table? The elegant Livingstone integrates its two extension leaves into its modern design, utilizing a unique, soft-close mechanism. The top can be made in clear, white, or black lacquered glass, with table legs available in high-gloss or matte chrome, lacquers, leathers, or wood finishes.

    For those desiring smaller pieces of furniture than can work as kitchen tables, round-topped tables like the Elegance or Celsius Round use telescoping mechanism and extension leaves to easily accommodate additional diners. For the ultimate space-saver, the Icaro table folds flat to less than 3″ for easy storage while an integrated handle allows for easy transport.

  • Quality that Stands the Test of Time

    Our convertible tables, like the rest of our products, are manufactured in the finest factories in Europe and are available in a wide range of finish options. Typical lead times are between 12 and 16 weeks, though a number of our best-selling tables are available in our Quick-Ship program for delivery throughout the U.S.

    Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and integrity. From sustainable materials and fair labor practices to flat-pack shipping, we’re committed to maintaining a green and ethical supply chain.

    Invest in a great product that helps you live better — browse our collection of transforming tables online, visit one of our showrooms, or contact us to speak to one of our design experts and learn more about how a transforming table can enhance your life.