Transforming Console to Dining Table
Goliath Transforming Console to Dining Table
Goliath Transforming Console to Dining Table
Goliath Transforming Console to Dining Table
Goliath Transforming Console to Dining Table
Goliath Transforming Console to Dining Table
Goliath Transforming Console to Dining Table
Goliath Transforming Console to Dining Table
Goliath Transforming Console to Dining Table


Bestselling Goliath transforming console table extends from a slim 17.75" deep console table to a variety of lengths up to 116" long. Utilizing a unique aluminum telescoping mechanism, easily add up to five leaves to seat two, four, six, or up to twelve for dinner or meetings. Available in a variety of lacquer and wood veneer finishes.AC19

Need somewhere stylish to store your Goliath table leaves? The Box is a perfect solution!

See the Goliath in action by making an appointment today.

  • Aluminum telescoping mechanism
  • Seats up to 12
  • Lead time: 18-22 weeks

Product Specs

Product Dimensions
Goliath 195/295 37.375 in 17.75 in 29.5 in
1 extension 37.375 in 37.375 in 29.5 in
2 extensions 37.375 in 57.125 in 29.5 in
3 extensions 37.375 in 76.75 in 29.5 in
4 extensions 37.375 in 95.5 in 29.5 in
5 extensions 37.375 in 116.125 in 29.5 in
Display Dimensions in |


  • L51 | L31 Bianco Luce L51 | L31 Bianco Luce
  • L52 | L32 Bianco Panna L52 | L32 Bianco Panna
  • L53 | L33 Bianco Vela L53 | L33 Bianco Vela
  • L54 | L34 Grigio Corda L54 | L34 Grigio Corda
  • L55 | L35 Grigio Canapa L55 | L35 Grigio Canapa
  • L59 | L39 Rosso Aragosta L59 | L39 Rosso Aragosta
  • L60 | L40 Tortora L60 | L40 Tortora
  • W02 Grey Oak W02 Grey Oak
  • W03 Tobacco Oak W03 Tobacco Oak
  • W04 Knotty Oak W04 Knotty Oak
  • W06 Jute Oak W06 Jute Oak
  • W07 Fume Oak W07 Fume Oak
  • W09 Blue Oak W09 Blue Oak
  • W10 Canaletto Walnut W10 Canaletto Walnut


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  • How Does Goliath Work?

    As a dual console table and telescoping dining table, the Goliath table begins as a compact console measuring 17″ deep x 39″ wide. When you need to expand your Goliath for eating, entertaining or other purposes, simply pull it apart and insert your preferred number of extension panels to suit your needs.

  • What Does Goliath Do?

    With its sleek setup and expandable panels, this collapsible dining table can serve so many purposes in your home. Keep it in its smallest original form and use it as a compact, modern hall table, or console table in any room. Or, open it up to use as an eating surface in your kitchen or dining area. Keep it compressed to give yourself more space to move when you’re cooking or using the room for other purposes, then slide it out and add your panels when it’s time to eat.

    Goliath is excellent for guests because it gives you the option to have as much room as you need. You can even use your Goliath table as a desk or working table — just expand it to medium length.

    Goliath is so versatile and easy to handle that you might even want to use it in multiple rooms! Say goodbye to choosing between open space for comfort and enough table space to meet your needs — now, you can have both.

  • Customize Your Goliath Table

    To make sure your Goliath complements your décor as well as it fits into your space, we offer an attractive variety of tabletop finishes in various shades and materials. Choose from:

    • Stained wood veneer surfaces in Natural Oak, Grey Oak, Tabacco Oak, Nodato Oak, Juta Oak, Fume Oak, Blue Oak and Canaletto Walnut.
    • Closed- or Open-Pore Lacquers in whites and neutral grays to deep red.