Ito Queen Wall Bed

The Ito is a freestanding queen-size wall bed system with a reclining 2-seat sofa. Featuring integrated fixed back panel sofa cushions, the space-saving Ito wall bed is expertly designed to fold down as it is lowered over the built-in sofa, providing a seamless transition from bedroom to living area layout.

The Ito can be installed in virtually any space to provide an effortless transformation from bedroom to office, den or media room. Available in a wide variety of fabrics and finishes.

  • Designed and made in Italy
  • Lifetime warranty on mechanism
  • VOC-free lacquers
  • Custom, Italian-made mattress program

The Ito is designed and made in Italy by Clei, the global leader in transforming furniture for more than 50 years. All Clei wall beds are available in a wide range of fabrics and finishes and feature a patented slatted bed base for maximum comfort. Choose from a selection of OEKO-TEX certified Italian mattresses, backed by a 20-year warranty. 

Additionally, our extensive modular closet and shelving systems integrate seamlessly with the entire Clei wall bed collection to provide customizable storage options.

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If you’re seeking queen wall beds in NYC and beyond, a great place to start with the Ito. A great-looking and cost-effective alternative to other types of rollaway or hideaway beds, the Ito is one of our most popular space-saving beds.

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Lead time: 16-18 weeks

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Origin: Made in Italy

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Warranty: Resource Furniture offers a lifetime guarantee on all Clei mechanisms. Call for more information.

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Product Specs

The Ito is 86.125 inches high and 68.125 inches across. When folded down, this bed extends 86.625 inches. When up, the sofa extends 47.625 inches. This unit features an extremely comfortable reclining couch that seats two easily and comes in colors and fabrics such as bold red tones of Tempesta, the cool Turchese or the luxurious Supercotton 0001 White.
Matte lacquers for the unit are available in dozens of colors, ranging from light and airy tones to bolder statement colors. You’ll have no trouble finding the right combination of fabrics and finishes for this remarkable piece of transforming furniture to fit your existing décor and make it uniquely yours.

The Murphy bed unit comes with a single shelf suitable for displaying books, plants or your favorite accent pieces. Once closed, the bed hides away and offer a comfortable reclining sofa and convenient shelf.

Why the Ito Is Right for You: Form and Function for Any Type of Home

Designers, developers, and homeowners are always looking for multifunctional furniture in places like New York City where space is at a premium, and the Ito definitely fits the bill. Both distinctive and practical, this unit is perfect for studio apartments where space is at a premium, as well as to turn an extra room in a larger home into a multipurpose space. This unit can fit right in as a piece of useful living room décor but quickly transforms into a guest room for a visitor.

As with all of our wall beds, the Ito comes with a warranty on all mechanisms. In the past, Murphy beds in NYC have often been thought of as a necessary sacrifice — the only way to get a bed in a small apartment. Queen wall beds like the Ito are different. This is an important piece, no matter the amount of available space, and if you need to maximize space in a small apartment, it’s essential!

Comfort and Convenience All in One

You’ll be thrilled and amazed by the comfort of both the reclining sofa and the bed itself when it’s pulled down. This bed has a real mattress, making it comfortable enough to sleep on every night.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate space-saving solution in New York City and beyond, or you just like the idea of a piece of transforming furniture that looks great, contact Resource Furniture today to get your own personal Ito queen Murphy bed today.