Lounge Chair

With its voluptuous silhouette, the crescent-shaped Ovni Lounge Chair is a modern interpretation of a classic mid-century lounge chair. Upholstered in soft Italian leather or a wide range of fabrics, the contemporary Ovni Lounge Chair brings a sense of sophistication to any room.JO18

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Product Info

Resource Furniture offers a complete line of carefully curated seating, including the finest European-made sofas, sectionals, armchairs, occasional seating, dining chairs, bar stools and recliners available. Our seating collection features pieces that are flexible, small-scale, or customizable, all of which are available in a variety of fabrics, leathers, and finishes to suit your aesthetic.

From space-saving sofas and sectionals to dining and office chairs—and everything in between—our seating collection features hand-selected products ideal for a wide range of spaces and projects: residential, commercial or contract. To view our seating collection in person, schedule an appointment, or visit us at one of our Resource Furniture Showrooms.

  • Made in Belgium
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Custom-made
Product Dimensions
Ovni Lounge Chair 73 cm 92 cm 97 cm
Display Dimensions in |
  • Parma 11 Parma 11
  • Parma 12 Parma 12
  • Parma 13 Parma 13
fabric_jo_F1_parma-3, fabric_jo_F1_parma-5, fabric_jo_F1_parma-7,
  • Verona 100 Verona 100
  • Verona 104 Verona 104
  • Verona 113 Verona 113
fabric_jo_F1_verona-119, fabric_jo_F1_verona-131, fabric_jo_F1_verona-132,
  • Verona 138 Verona 138
  • Fregona 402 Fregona 402
  • Fregona 404 Fregona 404
fabric_jo_F2_fregona-407, fabric_jo_F2_fregona-408, fabric_jo_F2_fregona-412,
  • Globo 01 Globo 01
  • Globo 02 Globo 02
  • Globo 04 Globo 04
fabric_jo_F2_globo-05, fabric_jo_F2_globo-06, fabric_jo_F2_soft-09,
  • Soft 04 Soft 04
  • Soft 05 Soft 05
  • Soft 06 Soft 06
fabric_jo_F2_soft-08, fabric_jo_F2_soft-11, fabric_jo_F2_soft-12,
  • Medina 101 Medina 101
  • Medina 121 Medina 121
  • Medina 151 Medina 151
fabric_jo_F3_medina-171, fabric_jo_F3_medina-191, fabric_jo_F3_medina-211,
  • Medina 251 Medina 251
  • Medina 291 Medina 291
  • Celia Bruno Celia Bruno
  • Celia Cherry Celia Cherry
fabric_jo_leather_celia_cielo, fabric_jo_leather_celia_mokka,
  • Celia Nero Celia Nero
  • Celia Papaya Celia Papaya
fabric_jo_leather_celia_pearl, fabric_jo_leather_celia_petrol,
  • Fuerte Beach Fuerte Beach
  • Fuerte Black Fuerte Black
fabric_jo_leather_fuerte_negro, fabric_jo_leather_fuerte_noce,
  • Fuerte Stone Fuerte Stone
  • Fuerte Topo Fuerte Topo
fabric_jo_leather_konia_baltic, fabric_jo_leather_konia_bianco,
  • Konia Black Konia Black
  • Konia Bronze Konia Bronze
fabric_jo_leather_konia_carbon, fabric_jo_leather_konia_corda,
  • Konia Ice Konia Ice
  • Konia Rot Konia Rot
fabric_jo_leather_konia_tortora, fabric_jo_leather_lipano_animauve,
  • Lipano Black Lipano Black
  • Lipano Brick Lipano Brick
fabric_jo_leather_lipano_cacao, fabric_jo_leather_lipano_dolphin,
  • Lipano Fox Lipano Fox
  • Lipano Masti Lipano Masti
fabric_jo_leather_lipano_taupe, fabric_jo_leather_lipano_terracotta,
  • Lipano Zingo Lipano Zingo
  • Lotila Albero Lotila Albero
fabric_jo_leather_lotila_azura, fabric_jo_leather_lotila_cappuccino,
  • Lotila Mango Lotila Mango
  • Lotila Nero Lotila Nero
fabric_jo_leather_lotila_pralina, fabric_jo_leather_lotila_souriso,
  • Xienda Carmel Xienda Carmel
  • Xienda Chocolate Xienda Chocolate
finish_jo_metal_polished-chrome, finish_jo_metal_epoxy-black
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