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At Resource Furniture we provide a wide range of beautiful and functional furniture. From murphy beds and mattresses to sofas and transforming tables, our New York City Showroom has a variety of furniture pieces that are sure to transform and maximize your space.

Please call, email, or click the button below to schedule your private showroom appointment, remote video consultation, or phone consultation. We look forward to seeing you very soon!

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969 Third Avenue at 58th Street 4th Floor New York, NY 10022 View on Google Maps 212-753-2039

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Monday-Friday: 9:30am-6pm Saturday & Sunday: 12pm-5pm Appointment Required

New York City Showroom
Meet the New York Showroom Team

The Resource NYC team is dedicated to creating a home that meets all your lifestyle needs—beautiful, functional, and space-efficient, without sacrificing the excitement of city living.


Preparing for Your Visit

  • What should I bring for my showroom visit?

    Our design and space solutions are highly personalized. With that in mind, we are best able to help you, and expedite the design process, if you have floor plans, specs, and measurements readily available.

  • How much time will I spend at the showroom?

    Our showrooms are specifically designed to offer a beautiful overview of our space-saving and transforming pieces as well as a full line of traditional furniture. Because a sales associate will go around the showroom with you to demonstrate the furniture, please allow a minimum of 30 minutes.

  • Do I need to make an appointment?

    An appointment is not necessary but is recommended, especially on Saturdays. This will help us ensure you have a dedicated team member to discuss your design goals and offer personalized recommendations.

  • I am already a customer, and I have a question or need some assistance with my product. Who should I contact?

    If you have a question about a product, please call or email your Sales & Design Associate. If you are having an issue with a product you have already purchased or have a question about your delivery, we have a dedicated customer service team committed to making sure that you are happy. Please email and we will get back to you pronto!

  • I don’t live in North America. How does international shipping work?

    International shipping is almost as easy as shipping within the states. Most deliveries to Europe are considered inside deliveries. Shipments to other countries are to port only. The client is responsible for the importation taxes and duties. These costs are easily managed by working with a customs agent.

  • How long does it take to receive an order once it is placed?

    Because all of our products are made to order in Europe, the lead time is generally 18-22 weeks, although it can be longer depending on the time of year and where the order will be delivered. West coast deliveries and orders placed over holidays always take slightly longer. The great news is that we have a constantly replenished Quick Ship program featuring our most popular products usually delivered in 2-4 weeks, depending on the delivery location and availability. Contact your local showroom for personalized delivery information.

  • What are the Resource Furniture prices and why are they not posted?

    Everything we sell is highly customizable. We offer endless fabric and finish combinations to choose from, all of which affect the price. We are always happy to provide pricing information, which you can receive by either calling one of our showrooms directly to speak with an expert sales associate, or by requesting a quote through the links available on every product page on this web site.

  • Does Resource Furniture ever have sales or promotions?

    We have been in business for over 15 years and never have sales on our furniture. You can always be sure you are obtaining the best available price for any product you purchase and that it will never be sold for less. We have set the pricing for our products at the minimum that is possible for us to provide the level of service and care that our clients expect, including a Lifetime Warranty on most products.

  • Do these products come with a warranty?

    All of the space saving wall bed systems come with a lifetime warranty on the mechanisms and all other hardware within the system. When these systems are properly installed and used for its intended purposes, it is very rare for a malfunction to occur.

  • Is there a return policy?

    We do not accept returns.

  • Can I cancel an order?

    Every sales associate at Resource Furniture is a qualified designer. We understand this is a large purchase and therefore we are dedicated to ensuring that you purchase exactly what you need for your space.

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  • Steve Spett
    Steve Spett Co-Founder / Resident Vegan

    Steve founded RF with his partner Ron in 2000. Since then they have built Resource into the global brand that it is today. One of Steve’s primary focuses is on our contract division, working closely with developers, hoteliers and their design teams. He also focuses on his clients, staff, and family (but not necessarily in that order).

    Email Steve
  • Ron Barth
    Ron Barth Co-Founder / World Traveler

    Ron Barth co-founded Resource in 2000 with his business partner, Steve Spett and a chair. Actually, two chairs and a table. Since then, together they have built Resource from a single-room operation into a global brand. Ron’s dedication (umm . . . obsession) to finding the finest products and providing 100% client satisfaction sets a high bar for everyone — which they gleefully jump over.

    Email Ron
  • Challie Stillman
    Challie Stillman Vice President, Sales & Design

    Challie is our very own Wonder Woman, responsible for managing vendor relationships, curating the Resource product collection, and overseeing sales operations across all showrooms. Challie also works closely with the Contract Division on large-scale, multi-family residential projects. Somehow, in addition to all that, Challie managed to complete an MBA at New York University. She’s our go-to girl for questions about anything aesthetic -- and she’s always right. Keep that in mind.

    Email Challie
  • Jake Verost
    Jake Verost Sales & Design Consultant / Resident Know-It-All

    Jake, in fact, does know everything. It’s irritating and invaluable at the same time — which is confusing, yet comforting. If you have a 3’ x 5’ room and need to sleep 14 people, Jake could definitely figure out how to fit in two more. Go ahead, just try to stump him.

    Email Jake
  • Ted Layton
    Ted Layton Sales & Design Consultant

    Born in Mexico City, and raised in Ecuador and Florida, Ted’s made his mark on the Resource sales team with his impressive product knowledge and always-helpful demeanor. He holds a B.S. in Industrial Design from Philadelphia University. When he’s not in the showroom he’s pursuing hobbies in photography, hand drawing and collecting rare vinyl and interesting objét.

    Email Ted
  • Maria Marcellino
    Maria Marcellino Sales & Design Consultant

    Maria loves all things New York – the culture, the energy, the fact everyone is always drinking coffee, herself included. Having worked for Disney, she likes to add a touch of magic to everything she does. It is only fitting Maria finds Resource Furniture an enchanting place to work. With a background in Art History, she's found herself admiring the effects a space can have on a person, the same way she admires the effects artwork can have.  When she is not designing, she is usually at yoga, planning her next trip, at a music festival, or planning her next trip to a music festival.

    Email Maria
  • Chelsea Wolocko
    Chelsea Wolocko Sales & Design Consultant

    Born in LA and raised in Detroit, Chelsea graduated from Western Michigan University with a dual degree in performance and production design — and since joining Resource Furniture she’s demonstrated there isn’t anything she can’t do! She goes out of her way to assist callers with all of their inquiries, no matter how unusual. Chelsea is always willing and eager to help her coworkers and generally keeps the entire NY operation running smoothly. Plus, she bakes!

    Email Chelsea
  • Lauren Carpenter
    Lauren Carpenter Sales & Design Consultant

    Originally hailing from Wetumpka, Alabama, Lauren spent the last decade in New York working for a variety of retailers specializing in high-end furnishings, including Design Within Reach where she achieved "Million Dollar Seller" status in multiple years. She loves renovations, restorations, vintage shopping, antiquing -- anything to do with design! Her home in Brooklyn allows her to spend her free time in Prospect Park, a favorite spot in her new adopted city.

    Email Lauren
  • Mariel Maia
    Mariel Maia Internet Sales Guru

    Aside from keeping the whole staff laughing and in line, Mariel personally answers every inquiry, from every person, in every country, every day. She is also the person who handles our Live Chat. So, if you have a question that needs a quick answer, reach out to Mariel!

    Email Mariel
  • Adam Hare
    Adam Hare Director of Showroom Design / Beautifier

    Adam is a native New Yorker who discovered his sense of style at a very young age. He is our very own design guru, taking the Resource Furniture showrooms to new levels of sophistication. Adam earned his interior design degree from The New York School of Interior Design, has worked for major interior design and architectural firms and even had his own interior design firm for a number of years. In his spare time Adam loves to travel, visit museums and art galleries, and collect art and Asian artifacts. He always tries to live by his motto, “there’s always room for a little more beauty in the world.”

    Email Adam
  • Jordyn Keegan
    Jordyn Keegan Draftsman & Sales Assistant

    Originally from Montreal, she migrated her way down to Connecticut, where she eventually earned her BA in Interior Design at the University of New Haven. Jordyn is a bit of an adrenaline junkie — wake surfing is her current passion, along with tossing pizzas, believe it or not! When she isn’t out on the water or covered in flour, you can find her canoodling with her two Portuguese Water Dogs, Walter, and Eddie. (Side note: her family was on the Portuguese Water Dog trend before the Obamas made it cool.)

    Email Jordyn
  • Austin Woodfinlevine
    Austin Woodfinlevine Draftsman & Sales Assistant

    Austin attended Rutgers University where he studied Landscape Architecture and Art History. He was beautifying backyards before deciding he prefers working indoors and joining the Resource team. A resident of Bushwick, Brooklyn, Austin likes drafting, video editing, art, fashion, and loud music.

    Email Austin
  • Christine Salzer
    Christine Salzer Director of Operations
  • Kirk Schuly
    Kirk Schuly Senior Project Manager

    No stairwell is too narrow, no custom order is too crazy for backpack-toting Kirk - whether it’s convincing the delivery guys to walk up those six flights of stairs no one mentioned or figuring out that the ceiling is 2” lower than the furniture BEFORE the order is placed, Kirk is everyone’s hero. He needs a cape.

    Email Kirk
  • Samantha Cunningham
    Samantha Cunningham Purchasing Manager

    Samantha hails from Queens, loves all things Elvis Presley, and enjoys spicy food (preferably paired with a glass of wine). With a background in the arts, Sam traveled to Ghana to study traditional African arts and after graduating college, lived in Thailand for a year teaching English. As our Purchasing Manager, Sam processes all our orders for New York, DC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and ensures they get on a container and shipped!

    Email Samantha
  • Alejandra Gallegos
    Alejandra Gallegos Customer Service Manager

    Born and raised in Anaheim, CA (home of Disneyland!), Alejandra made the move to the NYC in 2016 and has been here ever since. She handles east coast logistics, as well as all out-of-state shipments for our U.S. showrooms. Alejandra is also a practical sommelier of tequilas and mescals, and is always trying new types. And if you happen to be looking for a good hot sauce, Alejandra is your girl — she puts it on almost everything!

    Email Alejandra
  • Pieter Depreeuw
    Pieter Depreeuw Technical Project Manager / Technical Lead

    Originally from Belgium, Pieter is our resident Project Manager and our go-to guy for resolving all sorts of technical issues. With degrees in woodworking and drafting, experience in general construction, and an extensive knowledge of technology, Pieter knows a thing or two about furniture design. That is why he is tasked with handling site measurements and providing technical support to all showrooms. There’s little Pieter can’t do!

    Email Pieter
  • Pat Pujols
    Pat Pujols Controller

    After obtaining her BBA at Baruch College and an MBA in Finance at St. John’s University, Pat worked for several years as a Controller. She now keeps the ship moving at Resource as our HR and finances expert. But she’s not just all about numbers — she also happens to be our in-house pizza aficionado. Pat spent her teenage years in the Dominican Republic, and wishes she could bring the gorgeous weather and beaches back with her to New York (don’t we all!). She’s happiest when she’s hiking upstate and spending time outdoors, and she loves spending time with her two kids.

    Email Pat
  • Gabriella Pomata
    Gabriella Pomata Marketing & PR Manager

    Shortly before joining our Marketing team, Gabriella studied English, communications and PR at SUNY New Paltz. She also happens to be an interiors fanatic, obsessively staying on top of the latest trends and tastemakers. She manages our marketing team here at Resource, directing strategy, writing newsletters, overseeing our social media, and more. Gabriella’s greatest loves are hiking, beaches, and her labradoodle pup, Luna.

    Email Gabriella
  • Omar Soto
    Omar Soto Graphic Designer

    Omar is from Queens, and earned his BA in Communication Design at the NYC College of Technology. As our in-house graphic designer, he’s got the creativity bug — which would explain why he’s one of the sharper dressers in the office. In his spare time, Omar enjoys painting illustrations and exploring new places. He is also the proud parent of an adorable baby girl named Sophia (as well as a salt and pepper schnauzer named Bruno)!

    Email Omar
  • Maria Claudia Narvaez Arango
    Maria Claudia Narvaez Arango Art & Creative Media Manager

    Maria Claudia grew up in Colombia and came to New York a few years ago to study Interior Design at Parsons, where she received her Master’s degree. In addition to ensuring compliance with brand standards, she’s responsible for curating photography and all digital assets across the company's website, social media channels, and marketing materials. She’s also a big fan of traveling and has visited 33 countries.

    Email Maria
  • Melissa Cahill
    Melissa Cahill Webmaster

    A native New Yorker, Melissa prefers not to leave the city unless she is also leaving the country (she is among the most seasoned travelers on our team). Before making the leap to digital media, Melissa honed her technical expertise and storytelling skills working on independent documentary films. Melissa knows the workings of our website better than anybody, and she helps develop and curate our digital content.

    Email Melissa