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Transforming the Future

At Resource, we’re leading the furniture industry’s paradigm shift towards a more sustainable, adaptable, and exceptionally designed world.

Our philosophy is simple: curate pieces that are not only made from the most ethically sourced materials and sustainable manufacturing processes, but that actually enable us to live a more sustainable lifestyle all around.

What's in a Resource Furniture Wall Bed?

All Furniture Isn't Built the Same

There is an urgent need to transform nearly every aspect of the furniture industry. From petroleum-based plastics and foams, to illegally harvested wood, to toxic adhesives and finishes, mass-produced “fast furniture” poses serious health and environmental hazards. Mass-produced furniture quickly wears out its useful life, often ending up in landfills within just a few years. Worse yet, it supports exploitative and unsustainable supply chains. We believe our clients, our workers, and our planet deserve better than that.


What Makes Resource Furniture Unique?

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