Transforming the Future

At Resource, we’re leading the furniture industry’s paradigm shift towards a more sustainable, adaptable, and exceptionally designed world.

Our philosophy is simple: curate pieces that are not only made from the most ethically sourced materials and sustainable manufacturing processes, but that actually enable us to live a more sustainable lifestyle all around.

What's in a Resource Furniture Wall Bed?

All Furniture Isn't Built the Same

There is an urgent need to transform nearly every aspect of the furniture industry. From petroleum-based plastics and foams, to illegally harvested wood, to toxic adhesives and finishes, mass-produced “fast furniture” poses serious health and environmental hazards. Mass-produced furniture quickly wears out its useful life, often ending up in landfills within just a few years. Worse yet, it supports exploitative and unsustainable supply chains. We believe our clients, our workers, and our planet deserve better than that.


What Makes Resource Furniture Unique?

  • Better Materials

    Better Materials

    Every product in our collection is made from controlled, recycled, or renewable materials.

    Our wall beds are constructed using composite wood panels made of over 90% recycled wood and plastic. Chipboard panels are made of  formaldehyde-free, FSC-controlled virgin wood rated E1 or better, which certifies that the raw materials used in our wall beds is of the highest quality and does not contain wood that was illegally harvested.

  • Quality & Longevity

    Quality & Longevity

    Every piece in the Resource Furniture collection has been hand-selected for its quality, craftsmanship, and longevity.

    Our pieces are designed for daily use and built to last a lifetime — meaning they won’t end up in an already overburdened landfill within a few short years like the majority of mass-produced fast furniture. Thanks to its modular design and Lifetime Warranty, individual components can be easily replaced if they should become damaged, rather than discarding the entire unit

  • Innovative Manufacturing

    Innovative Manufacturing

    All of our products are made in state-of-the-art facilities by well-paid, experienced craftsmen in accordance with the most stringent quality controls and environmental standards in the world.

    Our wall beds, for example, utilize ultra high-tech panel manufacturing methods that alleviate the environmental impact of the manufacturing process, including sawdust recapture and gas by-product capture and recycling.

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